Monday, 10 January 2011

What? Twelve days? No. Really?

I had a moment to check the internet this morning and saw that it has been twelve days since my last posting! I was utterly amazed and ashamed of myself. Twelve days! I have never abstained for that long.
I am very sorry loyal readers, I have wronged you greatly. You may like to take satisfaction in the knowledge that immediately after I had recovered from the shock I donned my wellies and ran outside.
Never before have I given myself such a punishing and lengthy larraping with a whippy twig. It really smarted people, a lot. Not only that but it's difficult. It's not that hard to slap yourself with the instrument of pain I agree, but it's hard to hit the target when your trying to run away from yourself! A mental picture here will help folks.'Let that be a lesson to you I shouted' as I caught myself a glancing blow for the final time.
Indeed readers it has been a valuable lesson. It won't happen again, I promise.
Of course I have a whole raft of excuses. The day job for starters, that is extremely irritating, always getting in the way of life in general. New Years day was a complete write-off. When will I learn?
However, I have been keeping up with other peoples news by reading the blogs who haven't let you down. The 'Ladies of leisure up North' for instance never miss more than a few days at the most (Blue touch paper well and truly lit methinks!).

Anyway with the nonsense out of the way on to Patou news.
Well not a huge amount to report really. We are in the period of the year when the mighty Patou plans, once again, for world domination. A period where we gather together the big hitters in the herd and have a frank exchange of views as to how we feel the herd should be progressing this year. Opinions as to which direction we should be heading in 2011 are heard and discussed.
The general consensus this year is to continue pushing for brown domination.
There was a minor objection from the black and fawn flanks of the herd but once we had introduced Their Royal Patounesses Cambridge Columbus and Van Diemen Qjori of Patou into the argument that was soon quashed.
'Brown is the way we are heading and these are the boys who are doing all the colourwork' I said gruffly. All the girls fell silent and there was a certain amount of eyelash fluttering from some rather young girls as Qjori turned sideways on and pushed out his chest. 'Steady lad, no 'colourwork' until April' I whispered but he had done enough, brown it is to be.

On domestic matters we have been dealing with an overflowing septic tank, (nice) and a flooded utility room (not connected thankfully!) and a whole heap of mud everywhere.

Halter training has not yet begun but will have to start soon. The show team have been selected and entered into the Futurity. Future shows have been identified and day job permitting (grrrrrrr make it go away!!!!) we will be showing more than ever before this year.

2011 has well and truly begun. The Mighty Patou is ready and poised, waiting to start our advance on the world again.

Right, enough sitting down, I have stuff to do.


Llama Karma said...

Welcome back, missed reading your posts, they're very entertaining. Thought you had got lost in deepest darkest Wiltshire

gary said...

So Mark, please tell me how the Mighty Patou brown juniors are shaping up now we are into 2011. Happy New Year by the way. Here at Popham all is well and the 3 brown boys are doing great. Two of them ( Dino and Commadante) have been weaned so we are keeping a close check on them. The third Hobgoblin is still happily with his mum. I still haven't made my final choice for our Big Match but will let you know shortly.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to read the ramblings of the Mighty Patou ! for the ladies of leisure 'Up North' I don't know if Im one of these....'theres ney ladies of leisure up these parts'......I'll have you know !! we are still waiting for the hired help !! Qjori looks like a coiled spring..he has a bit of a wait....yet......brown world just a matter of time.....Enjoy the will soon be 'Show Time'......Jayne

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Ah ha...trying that absence makes the heart grow fonder knew we would be missing you!

As for 'ladies of leisure' can't be included here...back in full time employment...haven't even had time time read any blogs til now!!!