Tuesday, 26 April 2011

No such thing as a free lunch!

Yesterday we drove about as far as it is reasonably to be expected to drive for a free lunch. We drove from Wiltshire (home of the Mighty Patou) through Dorset, Somerset and then Devon to finally cross the Tamar Bridge into Cornwall. Can there be a more dramatic entrance to a county in the UK? I doubt it. The sun shone on the Tamar estuary and Isambard Kingdom Brunel's bridge looked magnificent.
I have been to Cornwall before but took the northerly route in to Bodmin Moor last time. I think there should only be one way in and out and that is across the Tamar Bridge. You have a real sense of arrival when you see that bridge. It is like entering another country, which I suppose is what a lot of Cornish people may dream of, the Kingdom of Cornwall? Maybe, but from my point of view it was and is a splendid way in to Cornwall. The £1.50 exit fee is a bit cheeky though!

Anyway enough waffle, 'why were you going to Cornwall for lunch?' I hear your mutter disinterestedly.
Well, we had very kindly been invited to Popham Alpacas near Saltash for a barbecue lunch.
I think we sneaked onto the guest list as a result of our resounding thrashing of the Popham herd in the junior brown male class at the SWAG Spring Show. Regular readers may remember that last year a challenge was issued by Gary to The Mighty Patou to find a contender to compete in the aforementioned class. We declared our challenger early, The Mighty Roger Resilient was paraded and we positively oozed confidence from the start. The mental games had started. Gary had three early contenders, all who sadly fell by the wayside as the year progressed. Samburu turned grey, Commander turned fawn and Dino who has a truly super fleece was let down in the teeth department. Still, C'est la vie, we'll take the win even if all Roger had to do was turn up. Actually as previously reported Roger took second place in a competitive class of around a dozen brown boys.

It was a marvellous lunch (superb boerwurst), fantastic location (what a fabulous set up, very envious!) and great company. Thank you Gary and Felicia. I'll leave you to report further.

I took the camera out with me this morning when I walked the dogs around the alpaca field. There was much lounging around in the early morning sun. Priscilla and her weaner Rosa posed nicely for me.

Actually I then realised that they were not posing but watching the dogs as they sniffed around for the right dollop of poop to munch on. They really are disgusting. Some of you may think that it is not a very good picture because you can only see the back ends of the dogs. Well you would be wrong. The photograph has been deliberately taken so as not to offend, both dogs have hideously disfigured heads.

And finally, a photograph for the benefit of Ivan and Gill of Old Stour Alpacas (not that they ever read this!) and someone in Kent who may be interested!
Here is the utterly gorgeous Edwina, (owned by Ivan and Gill) who has been billeted with the Mighty Patou show team this year. Edwina, sired by Eringa Park The Commandante took first place in the junior fawn female class at the SWAG show and Reserve Champion fawn female and will be travelling with The Mighty Show team to the Bath and West Show in June. Doesn't she look lovely? Not brown enough, obviously, but pretty nonetheless.

Right enough of this I have a helicopter to catch.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Nothing like having a dog for getting alpacas to pose.

Hope the trip isn't choppy!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

For a minute, I thought you said helicopter, checked my 'hearing' and find that you did - now that's a little teaze, or has Angus got a model one that he wouldn't let you play with?