Friday, 1 April 2011

One small drive for man, one giant leap for alpacakind.

Today was the day that Sue and I decided that we would move some of the Mighty Patou herd into the new field. It's not very far away but requires a short trip in the trailer of about 200 yards. We discussed it and decided it would be good to move all the rather 'portly' mothers who are almost off the top end of the conditoning scale. We could then feed up the ones who need a bit of a boost in the 'home' field.
The 'portly' mothers group included the entire 'Hair-trigger spit monster' clan. Priscilla, Bobby, Poppy and Penny, listed in ascending order or unpleaseantness. Ruby-May who would be the latest in the line seems to have broken the mould and is lovely.

Loading up that lot was not as simple as it could have been. There was much barging, spitting and general alpaca 'shouting'. I may have had a minor tantrum at one point. Not something I am proud of.

Anyway here they are after their short trip up the road. They were soon off exploring their new temporary home.
Then they caught sight of where they had come from and could see the adoring crowds on the other side of the fence!

There was much general staring and a small amount of humming.

After a while the 'portly' group wandered off to graze.
Two fences, a twenty foot drop and a bridleway seperate the mighty herd. Not quite sure how I feel about the move but we have outgrown the field and expansion must continue! 

Now the day job beckons. Arse to that.

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Amiryck said...

Good to see you expanding - I am sure they will be very happy with all that extra space.