Friday, 22 April 2011

The Orgle has landed!

What another glorious day here, it was up to 26 degrees yesterday and was certainly not a day for trousers. Today is a Bank Holiday and as such I am at home and the trousers are off! Hurrah! I am working tomorrow and Sunday but then have next week off, Double hurrah!!

We were up reasonably early this morning so that we could get all the alpaca chores out of the way before it got too hot, some of those big mothers out there are getting a little bit hot and bothered.
One of the chores was Qjori's third mating. He had a date with Priscilla who had been left empty over winter. Priscilla would be a real confidence boost for Qjori as she is prone to 'hit the deck with a resounding thud' at the merest hint of an entire male in the area.

This morning she didn't disappoint. I ran her into Qjori's pen and he took one look at her. She immediately turned so that her 'docking station' (sorry Angus has been forcing us to watch the Star Wars movies recently) was in his face and then her legs promptly disappeared from under her. Down she went. As Priscilla is the mother of the 'hair-trigger spit monster' family she went down with just one beligerent flourish, a mouthful of spit heading my way as she was in mid air. Nice. It does make you wonder though? What on earth was going through her mind at the time? Was there anything going through her mind at the time? Anyway I digress.

As you may have read from previous blog entries Qjori has so far been 'silent running'. In other words we have only heard the distant murmurings of an orgle. The merest hint of a childish, burbly, breathless, dribbling orgle. As if someone in the next room has a small baby orgle nesting in straw in a tupperware box and keeps opening the lid to have a look at it (what?). It is almost as if he has been a bit embarrassed. It seems as if he thought it was a bit wrong, somehow he was doing something that he shouldn't be doing. Like he thought it was all a bit, I don't know, dirty, shameful, as if he was giving in to instincts over which he had no control, which I suppose is what it really is. I felt for him, I felt that I was intruding on some sort of teenage naughtiness, bless him.

However, today it seems all ideas of bashfulness have been despatched elsewhere, all thoughts of wrongdoing have been banished forever, for today good people, the orgle arrived! And once it had arrived it just grew and grew and grew. A beautiful melodious orgle had arrived. I actually made two people listen to it down the phone it was that good. He is a wonderful orgler!

Whilst Priscilla was 'docked', (and she was for 25 minutes, not bad for a third go?) a small but orderly and slightly worrying queue formed next to the mating pen. Two females who should be very pregnant had arrived and stood nearby. I waited for them to drop but they didn't. Good. Just to make sure I ran them in to Qjori when he was free to see how they behaved. Minstrel went beserk, trying to jump out of the pen, no problem there then, straight out with her and Connie entered turning the air green as she did so. Splendid, straight out with her too. Interested bystanders only. Had me worried for a second there.

Right enough of that I must crack on with the rest of the chores so that I can earn myself a nice spot of luncheon.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Not only with volume but in front of an audience...both field and home study (I am now wondering who you have been making such calls to and should these be policed?);)

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Good to hear that he's found his 'voice' - was there any hint of Antipodean accent I wonder?

Bev said...

Just googled alpaca orgle and found a video - do you mean that can go on for 25 minutes? You'd have seen me running for the hills, or at least a sound proofed room, with the curtains drawn.