Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Behaving like a proper little alpaca.

Still bitterly cold here but we seem to be a whole lot better off than some, so something to be grateful for.

Tsar has smashed through the 25 kilo barrier and continues to thrive (still loose though Andrew). I have attached a video of him this morning after I let him and Thor out. It amused me for several reasons; firstly it is great to see Tsar behaving like a little alpaca should behave, secondly Josh was desperate to join in and thirdly, Thor then decided to enter the shed where the others were having breakfast and saddle up Toddy for a little ride!

This week 5 of our females will hit 10 and a half months gestation, with the weather like it is and our limited inside space that is slightly worrying. Sue and I are already on full alert as Victoria gave birth at just over ten months last year and the cria died almost immediately. Victoria is one of the first 5 to give birth. 
Looking at the weather forecast it looks like it will stay cold until it gets wet, nice, perfect. Still there is naff all that we can do about the weather (except move to another country - not possible in the short term) so we must prepare as best as we can. In the meantime, tomorrow, after two weeks on leave, I return to the day job, now there's something to look forward to. 


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I wish I could watch your videos but we have 'in the sticks' strength broadband which is rather like watching someone with a stutter! We too have births due soon and Lady Gaga likes to be early...too early ...brrr

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Cute little video, cheering in this winter weather deluge we find ourselves. So happy that tsar is still growing and seems well. Minerva ~

Knapper Alpakka said...

It's great to see Tsar so happy and worry free. Well done! You obviously love your animals.

Andrew said...

Thanks for the update Mark. Hopefully he will soon be full of beans on the inside and out.