Friday, 8 March 2013

Next week!!!!!

I am in a slight panic. I have been telling everyone that either, I will see them in two weeks, or, I am off to a show in two weeks. Well it has just dawned on me that it is next week! NEXT WEEK!

There is heaps to do and I have just been put on a set of four night shifts, proper night shifts. That's not all bad as it does leave the days free for doing stuff but then again I also have to sleep at some point. My first night shift is tonight and the forecast is for heavy rain all day. Great. Still as I am often reminded "If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined"

Anyway Tsar Tsar Superstar update. He is doing fabulously well. I weighed him yesterday (I don't weigh him every day, every other day, I can't leave it longer than that) and he weighed in at 22.25 kilos, which is very pleasing. He has put on five kilos in the last three weeks. He still has a runny bum and is on Pro-kolin paste for that which does firm him up. We keep trying to wean him off it but the runs return when we do, it is puzzling. Tsar and Thor have been enjoying daytime freedom but are always hanging around the shed at about 4pm as if to say "Enough freedom, we want warm, dry and comfortable accommodation overnight please". So they are shut in overnight with all the creature comforts. They may stay in all day today with the heavy rain forecasted.

I have put another video up for you to see. It features Tsar (obviously) some of the other cria and a cameo performance from Kira, our Newf, oh, and a lot of poo.

Right enough of this I am off to do something preparatory.


Judi B said...

Great news that Tsar's progress continues...maybe you should stop giving him prunes for breakfast though?!

Silver Fox said...

See you at ringside next week.Good luck with your preparation for the show and of course with the night shifts.

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

I feel as if Tsar is a personal friend of mine and look forward to news of him with a little more joy now that he keeps improving. If he is still needing the probiotic maybe there remains some kind of bacteria in him which will take longer to balance. One of our foals was on it for a few months until the summer grass was better.
Tsar sure looks a happy chappy now! Minerva ~

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Yes, I did notice your time got me lulled in to a state of being in control of the I am going OMG next week!!

Willow said...

Oh adorable little guys and I adore your Newfie! said...

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