Friday, 29 March 2013

Protection from the wind

I have been out collecting wood this morning and I came across a rather strange sight on my way back from the woods. I am not sure if it was just a coincidence or not. Somehow I doubt it.
We have a very cold south easterly wind here (as do we all) and I had let Tsar and Thor out at around 8.30 this morning. As I came past the top of the field on the tractor at midday I could see Tsar lying down with his feet stretched out in front of him which I always think is rather dog like. Anyway as I looked at him I saw that he had been surrounded by three of the four adult females we have in with the weanlings. They weren't surrounding him haphazardly they were surrounding him so as to create a perfect windbreak from that cold south easterly wind.
As I approached, Joy (always a bit nervous) saw me coming and got up before I could take the picture, she had been lying to the left of Tsar pretty much where she is now but tucked in much closer forming a three alpaca wall.
Now as I say it could be complete coincidence, but it looked very much like those three females were sheltering Tsar from the wind.
Of course they may have been there first and he may have snuck in and snuggled there but either way what clever, clever pacaroonios!


Andrew said...

Ahhh, what fantastic beasties they are ! I don't think it was a coincedence at all.

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Nature always inspires and leaves me rather in awe. Whatever animals I have been lucky to have been in close contact with have always known when one of the family was ill and semed to stay close until all was well again. Minerva ~