Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's my blog and I'll write what I like.

Having bored you all rigid (those of you who read the whole thing, Sue didn't) with the longest blog ever about the Romsey Show I return briefly with a non alpaca shorty.
Angus, the future leader of the mighty Patou, has started playing rugby at the grand age of 5 and three quarters. We have been along to Salisbury Rugby club, where I last ran out with my studs on many years ago, twice now and the little fellow loves it. He now has the kit and I can't help but show you a couple of snaps.

I'm thinking captain of the British Lions in say 2029? No pressure then.

In reality, as long as he has a good time and enjoys himself Sue and I will be happy.

I will return with alpaca stuff in the next blog.


Amiryck said...

Well he has perfected the pose beautifully. Well done Angus!!!

Mark said...

Thanks Karen, what you see is the result of weeks of training.

Lucy said...

What a smart lad!