Monday, 8 September 2008

Show time again.

I have been away from the blogspot for a few days. The day job is partly to blame. The fact that we have been busy with other stuff has also affected my computer time.

I am now back to work (late shifts all week) so with Angus back at school the mornings should be free. I am pinching a bit of blog time whilst Sue is out, when she returns we have a few husbandry tasks to complete and a wet smelly field shelter to clean out.
The field shelter is 12' x 10' and the record so far for alpacas is 22. That's not us forcing them in that's just them going in of their own accord. It doesn't seem to be the wet weather that forces them in. No, they seem quite happy out in the rain, they just sometimes decide to pile in en masse. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.
The main shed dwellers are Dee and her cria Barney (Killawasi's Peruvian Royal Prince Man about Town). They do go in when its raining and venture out only when it is dry. Consequently the main herd will be out soaking wet. The sun will come out and Barney will wander amongst the soaklings looking all fluffy and dry. I'm sure he is saying "Boy, you dullards really haven't got the hang of this shed thing". Dee doesn't usually come out until we chase her out. Then she lingers nearby until we have gone and sneaks back in muttering under her breath.

This weekend we have the Romsey show to look forward to. It will be a first for us, it falls on the same day as the Frome show and we went to that last year.

We have been to the Romsey show before as visitors and enjoyed it. Having been to both we think the Frome show is a bit 'Ooh Aargh' and the Romsey a bit more 'Air hair lair'. We will see. Or should I say, I will see. Sue is working all weekend and so Angus and I will be flying solo. In fact it might just be me.

I didn't mention the Corsley show that we went to on bank holiday Monday.

It's a really nice village show and we went last year and were surrounded all day. This year was no different and although it was a bit chilly we enjoyed the day a lot. We also sold a lot of wool, or yarn as I believe it is correctly known. It was the first time we took yarn to a show. It won't be the last!

I waited until the crowds parted to take the following pictures otherwise it would have just been a photograph of a large crowd. Patou's Poppy, Lola and Fifi wowed the crowds and seemed to cope very well. They may go to Romsey or we may give a mum and cria combo a go.

The lovely Mrs S ready to answer any questions.

Last night I was out lying in the field amongst the mighty herd. Once again my favourite alpaca in the whole wide world brought her cria over and they both lay down next to me. She loves me you know. I can tell.


Katie Fry said...

If you want to leave Angus with us on Saturday we're more than happy to have him - I hear the call of the soft play area!!

Gerry said...

Hey who's a show-off now?? At least we don't have our own custom-made website integrated awning!! Cheers, Gerry

Mark said...

Integrated awning!

I'll have you know it's a small marquee!

Gerry said...

Yeah? Maybe you can have an oompa loompa's wedding in it!