Friday, 12 September 2008

Sulking over

Sorry about my general demeanour yesterday.
I have to say everything I did yesterday was tinged with a childish, stampy feet, bottom lip out and quivering, furrowed brow, harrumphy hue.

I am a simple soul and have access to a whole range of emotions, I am either happy or miserable. Okay just the two then.

I am virtually incapable of pretending to be anything else.
I try, believe me as a Policeman I have to. I have to be chirpy at times when I am miserable and it takes a lot of energy to make the transition. As soon as the situation is over I revert to the current mood. Conversely when I am at the other end and the occasion demands a serious face it takes the same amount of effort to switch.

By the way I am happy most of the time, I have a wonderful family, great friends, a promising plan for the future and am very fortunate to live in a super spot with a great bunch of animals.

Anyway enough of that tosh. This morning I joined Alpacapeople which is a forum for alpaca owners where we can exchange advice and experiences, ask questions and generally pool alpaca knowledge. The BAS forum is not well used and I don't know why that is. Maybe this forum will work better. It was started by my wee chum Gerry the Captain of the good ship Coire. If you have alpacas give it a bash.

Today I am off to set up at the Romsey show which is held in the vast grounds of Broadlands Park. It's a big one day show and a very impressive setting. I shall obviously be taking some very impressive alpacas to match. Patou Poppy, Fifi and Lola will be up early with me tomorrow.

I am flying solo at the show, Sue is at work and Angus is going to his best friend George's house for the day. Thanks Katie (George's mum) it's a great help.

I am off for three days now and the sun is out it is all going to be fabulous!!!!

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Gerry said...

Welcome to the group Mark! God knows we need all the participants we can get! Hope you have fun and dry weather at the show with the marquee.