Friday, 7 November 2008

Back with some photos

I have been at work for the past 4 days working the evening shift, a gloomy mood descended upon me. However, the ridiculous grin has now found its way back on to my ridiculous face as I have three days at home with a) the family and b) the animals. Fantastic, not only that but as I write the sun is shining and the herd is looking magnificent!

I have just been out with the daily feed and herd check. Whilst out there I was watching the cria and the habit they have of hogging trough space but not actually eating anything. They just lie down next to the trough and soak up the atmosphere as the feeding frenzy around them takes place.
Jonah, Millie and Reggie assume pole position.

Priscilla is the worst offender she sounds like a wookie on crack as she tries to hog the whole trough.
Whilst watching I wandered up and took a close up of Lily's cria, Millie, she really has the most wonderful colouring and has inherited the lovely nature of her mum.

As I kneeled next to her I felt like I was being watched, the hairs stood up on the back of my neck and I could detect the faint sound of something breathing close behind me. I looked round slowly to find Alacazam and Reggie taking a great interest. They were begging for a photograph I could tell so here they are.

Reggie, you may remember, was delivered by the vet after presenting in the breach position, he really hasn't suffered as a result and is growing up into a very handsome young fellow.

Tonight I am doing my very first firework display for Angus as he missed it all this week. Afterwards I might have a drop of something warming.


Gerry said...

Awww the wee micro-Groove!! What lovely crias Mark. Our lot are on the hard feed now but are a bit older.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What lovely photos...and drivel !
Your crias are similar to my little one, she has a habit of lying down, next to me ! when I sit and have an alpaca moment, whilst the girls are having their feed !..she rolls around and sits right next to me every night !! at tea-time, strange adorable alpacas, you just can't beat them all !!!....Enjoy your wee dram, after your firework display, I hope all goes well, no sparks in the wrong place ! Millie looks a lovely colour ?. What colour is she?
Nice to see that Reggie is doing well, after his difficult arrival into this world !!...Alacazam looks like a male version of my little black sweetie....Jayne

Lucy said...

I could take them all home with me right now. Please don't tantalise us with too many more cute cria pix!!