Thursday, 20 November 2008


What a splendiforous day it has been today.

I have been at home alone left to my own devices. Sue has been at work and Angus has been at school, obviously, for he is a schoolboy. First up was some badly needed updating of the girls on alpacaseller so a couple of hours on the computer. Then some other computer work that needed doing and out I went to mingle with the herd.

It is four weeks since Lily had her jaw abscess operated on so I was giving her a final check over to relay to the vet. I had just paid the bill and if I could avoid another visit costing more money I would.

On the subject of the bill and to encourage you all to check jaw lines religiously you may be interested to know that it came to a whopping £755. Now I don't know about you and bills but when I opened that envelope I was so scared a little bit of wee came out.........and that's never good.

Anyway I checked the lovely Lily over this morning for the vet. I knew what she was going to be like as I checked her yesterday. We've checked her just about every day since she came home so we know that she has almost healed up, the swelling has gone and she is munching apples like an apple munching monster, a lovely monster of course.

So I phoned the vet and told him what a great job he'd done and that was that. We'll just keep an eye on her but we have no cause for concern.

Something else I spotted yesterday amongst the herd was Patou Fifi had lost a toenail on one of her back legs. It looked painful but was dry and she wasn't limping, she is now also under observation. I haven't mentioned Fifi much on the blog, she is the cutest sweetest friendliest little bag of fawn fluff in the herd.

Fifi is what I call a 'noser'. If you walk out into the herd and bend over so that your head is the same height as an alpacas, within 5 minutes, more often than not, you will have a small fawn alpaca stuck to your nose peering at you with the biggest brown eyes.

I have never seen or heard her spit. I don't think she knows how to and if she did she would think it an awfully revolting habit.

After all that 'alpacerring' it was off to pick up the boy Angus from shool and once he was changed we were off out in the beautiful winter sunshine to walk the mad labs. We climbed a hill and looked back down on the herd and had some fun throwing a ball down that hill so that the really mad lab, the boy Josh could expend some energy. No doubt he will still be up at five tomorrow but hey we had a great time. If you're a parent you will know that sort of time together is special. Doing nothing special just enjoying each others company.........I'm talking about me and Angus here by the way not me and the mad labs.

As I write Angus is eating an enormous amount of spaghetti closely monitored by the labs. The chickens are shut in and I will shortly be lighting the woodburner and thinking about preparing supper for Sue and myself. A simple day, no dramas, nothing hugely exciting but an immensely satisfying one. Splendiforous all round.


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to read you have had a Splendiforous Day !....Whoppa of a bill !!....its frightening that sort of money, but what can you do !...has to be done, but you don't want many of those in the post !!...Jayne

Gerry said...

Vets must be expensive down your way Mark! Our bill for getting our girls's tooth out was nothing like the sum you were charged. Bummer! :(

Mark said...

Thanks for that Gerry. He actually only removed one root, left the tooth, maybe it was a bit more complicated. But you're probably right, we do live in the 'prosperous south' with London only an hour and a half away.
If there's a next time we might have to come and stay!!

Thanks for your comments Jayne you have ousted Gerry from his 'top commenter' spot.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I hope I'm not tredding on anyones toes.....ousted Gerry from the top commentor spot....I think I'm Blogging Addicted....its my daily read, cant read or write enough...its all Lucy and Gerrys fault, up until I went to see them I did not know what a Blog was !!! so you can blame them....Keep the Splendiforous Patou Patter, Pitter Pattering ........Ha Ha.. thats easy for you to say.....Jayne