Monday, 17 November 2008


My last ramble seemed to provoke a reaction and what an unexpected reaction it was, Sue and I are very grateful for the very nice comments that were posted. What a pick me up! Or pick US up I should say.

To tell the truth I do feel a little embarassed. I have always been someone who speaks (or in this case writes) without thinking. Sometimes it has got me into trouble, occasionally it as got me out of trouble but mostly I have ended up thinking that I should have thought a little more about what I was going to say before transmitting. In fact I spend a lot of time thinking about what I should have said instead of what I did say. When you are a Policeman dealing with highly charged situations it pays to wait, think, and then speak, but you don't always get the time.

I have declared in the blog previously that I am pretty much an open book, my emotions are right out there for all to see, I am transparent. I can't hide what I am feeling, just can't. Believe me I used to try...............until I realised I couldn't.

I suppose emotionally I am a still in my early teens and I say that with a soaking wet head having just had a flannel fight with Angus whilst he was having a bath.
Jeepers that boy's throwing arm is getting good. He caught me fair and square right in the chops with a somewhat illegally heavy flannel. Completely loaded with bath water, close range, hard throw, it hurt.
The rules state that each flannel should be squeezed out before throwing. That one wasn't, I saw him bend down and pick it straight up out of the water and then....... wallop......... it was stuck to my face. You should have heard him laughing, it was priceless. Situations like that make you realise how lucky you are. How lucky I am.

Anyway, I have been at work for the last four days, leaving in the dark, getting home in the dark, miserable. I haven't seen the herd since Friday and here I am finishing this blog entry on Wednesday morning. The sun is shining and I am immersing myself in alpaca world for the next two days. First up with some AD & E injecting this morning and then moving amongst the mighty patou with the camera and a bucket of food. They will have missed me as much as I have missed them! Obviously.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see.....back with the mighty Patou Patter !!!!...wet flannels and all, makes you wonder whats worse...wet flannel in face from little boy, or a mighty greeny from the crew....mmmm I think I'll have the flannel ..after all!!..But if you didn't escape into Alpaca Land, your job would drive you mad, take it from one who really knows !!!Been there, done that and got the T-Shirt !!!!But now, I have like yourself escaped into the countryside and found Alpaca Land...All that needs to be said is, all of you enjoy your life's pathway together, and things have a funny way of turning out for the BEST !!..Jayne X