Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Its coming!!

Right, at the moment I am like a small child on Christmas eve, eve, eve. I am excited.
Today we received the Futurity information and do you know what? That excited me even further.

The plan layout for all the alpaca pens was quite interesting reading.

The Mighty Patou showteam is slap bang in the middle of the whole damn thing. Right in the middle! How fantastic is that? I'll tell you just in case you hadn't read what my answer would be. It's very, very, fantastic that's what it is.

Sure were not on the edge of a public walkway, but who cares, we are in the middle! In fact we are sandwiched between two of the big boys, EP Cambridge and the Suri giant Moonsbrook alpacas.
Little old Patou in the middle of two of the UK's biggest. Are we frightened ? Are we nervous? Do we think that we can punch our weight? You bet your sweet poophatch we do!
I know who runs EPC and Moonsbrook and I can tell you for a fact that I am bigger than both of them. Mass wise that is. They are taller, granted but width...........no contest.

On top of that, Psycho, I mean Poppy can take anyone at the moment. She is fine once I've got the halter on but boy look out if you want to touch her. Sparks are going to fly I can tell you. Intermediate brown female class if you are interested. Me and Poppy, in the ring, as one.

I have to work tomorrow, an important day as I have a new student to impart wise things to but as of 1600hrs I am in full Futurity mood.

This will in fact be the last blog until after the futurity as we enter the meditation phase.

The show team is not actually here at the moment they have gone into their pre-show retreat where they can meditate and prepare themselves for the forthcoming ring performance.
They are staying with the Black behemoth that is Inca Alpaca under the watchful eye of sensei Tim.
No doubt as the Inca herd goes about it's business there can be seen a small group of four (yes folks the team was cut to four at a late stage due to the discovery of some dodgy dental work) sitting quietly in the corner of the pen or field in an inward facing circle.

There will be an unusually high level of humming, which if listened to carefully, will actually be recognised as tantric chanting. It will be melodious and will help the chosen four to relax and prepare. It must be pointed out at this stage that Poppy might not be with the group. She may well be in a far corner of the field committing some terrible act of vandalism or even alpaca on alpaca violence. It will not be pretty.

Anyway folks I am now signing off. The Patou herd will represent itself at the Futurity in the best way that it can. We may even pick up a rosette. If not we will not cry. We will not be despondent. We will not blame or criticise or have envious thoughts.
No, the mighty Patou will travel home heads held high as a herd small in resources, small in numbers but big in heart.
We travel, we enjoy, we return. And that is what it is all about.

We would love to talk to anyone who has read this drivel so if you are at the futurity please come on over and say hello.
Enough said.


Amiryck said...

As long as Poppy doesn't lay a foot on Clover she can wreck what she wants!!!!!

See you there.....,

Rosemary said...

Every best wish. We will be thinking of you and sending Good Luck messages across the airways (not that you need luck!) We will visit your pen on the Saturday but you will probably be so surrounded by admirers that we won't be able to get close!!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Travel forth, travel safely, but most of all return Glorious !! with tales of Greatness and wonder to savour, to all who are willing to listen.....(me).....None go forward to the Futurity, Greater than the Might Patou !!...Although you may not stand as tall, however apparently you make that up in width !....(you said that, not me)

Enjoy your day, savour the moment, wisper sweet nothings in Poppy's ear, or you could always hum to her ! if all else fails.

Im sure your Alpacas will do you proud....All the best.... I would love to be there.....Jayne