Thursday, 12 February 2009

Up and running

Finally halter training got under way on Thursday.

As you can see Patou Barney and Avon Water Moselle were less than impressed. However, progress was made and after half an hour or so we were walking around the small patch of grass in the feeding paddock.

Alacazam, was an absolute star and took to it very quickly. In fact the other two were holding him back really. I'm sure I heard him tutting impatiently.

Yesterday I had a chum over and we cracked on with a few circuits of the field, Patou Amelie also joined in and behaved as if she had done it all before.

Today Sue and I took them out for a nice long walk and I think they are getting the hang of it, the sun was shining and once out of the mud it was great fun.

One thing we have noticed over the last couple of days is that Bobby (resident spit fountain) is getting ready to give birth. She was three weeks early two years ago and tomorrow she will have three weeks to go. She is wandering around in a very mellow way, no spitting at feeding time and she seems to be visiting the poo piles frequently.

Her last cria, Poppy, an ATA Cambridge Centurion girl, was a winner at the Royal Bath and West show last year.

When she was born we had to bottle feed her for a couple of days but even though she was 3 weeks early she was a good size.

This year Bobby is pregnant to Canchones Witness. We couldn't get her pregnant in 2007 so started early last year and she took first time on the 8th of April. Bloody typical! So we are now waiting for our earliest ever birthing. Yikes!



Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see...halter training is up and running...just in time for the Futurity !!! like to leave things till the last minute !you old pro !!....its wierd that some get the hang of it and others don't....theres always someone holding up the smooth running of things......hope all is well with your early !!!! arrival, and theres a nice break in the weather, we are still snow bound !... you just couldn't help mentioning the rugby ...well done ....Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
How is it that Alcazam does not look like a hay rack like our girl cilla. See you at the futurity, that is if we can get all the hay off.

Mark said...

Don't worry Anonymous, we have several who look more like walking bales of hay than animals. Al is just a very clean boy.

Lucy said...


Amiryck said...

Glad to see them up on their feet. One of mine spends her halter training session on her side playing dead....fortunately the other is much better behaved!