Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow in the south!

We awoke to a snow covered outside his morning and it has snowed all day. As a result we have been very busy sorting out food and shelter for the animals.

It was also the day we had to change Lily's dressing and we were very pleased to see that the, er...... um...........the toe stump is looking very good. Nice and clean and healthy looking. She has now had it redressed by Sue whilst I whispered sweet nothings in her ear............Lily's ear that is.
We also thought that she ought to have a bit of shelter and we returned her cria, Amelie to her. She was stressed enough without having Amelie staring at her through the fence humming.
So Lily, Lola and Amelie now have the Patou Alpacas show tent in the garden in which to shelter.

The tent is open on three sides with just the north wall in to keep out the snow and the wind. There is hay, food and water in there and they have been in there virtually since we put it up. It makes us all feel better.

As you can see they are looking very much at home. The rest of the herd are in the shed eating hay as if it was about to disappear. Which it is.

I am just wondering how important it is for me to travel in to work tomorrow morning and whether it is worth the risk. If it freezes tonight, which it will, and snows even more, which it will, it might be a bit dangerous. Yes, it might be far too dangerous. It is about 4 miles to the nearest gritted road so who would blame me? Anyway I reckon, in the morning, the man on the news will tell me not to venture out unless it is absolutely necessary. Mmm very interesting.


Paul Rippon said...

Alpacas camping in a tent?! I zoomed in the photo and couldn't find their hiking boots or sleeping bags anywhere - were they stored behind the North wall?!

Nice to hear Lily is on the up.

Knapper Alpaca said...

That looks really cosy! Lucky alpacas :-)

Mark said...

Would you leave your boots and sleeping bags out in the open?
No I didn't think so.
They were safely tucked away in the VW campervan that Lily bought just before her........'accident'.
Quite frankly if she had been wearing her fancy new walking boots we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!

Gerry said...

That looks fantastic. I am so glad they have a patou awning to sleep under! I am sure Lily is enjoying having her cria and sister around in such luxury! Most of all I am glad you have not been spared the snow - we can't be the only ones to have it this winter!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent....shelter !...and its lovely to see them using the en-suite I think you'll be setting a trendy new alpaca mobile theres a good idea, out of a crisis comes an excellent idea !.....nice to see that there all comfy !...hope the vw camper has snow chains...especially for that journey into work tomorrow ?
or you could always go out sledging !! theres another good idea..look forward to the snow man pictures on the blog!!...Jayne

Katie said...

Well, if you do make it in to work tomorrow, Sue is working and the school is shut you know where to send the wee man - I shall be at home fashioning a sledge out of a fertiliser bag!