Sunday, 1 February 2009

A new day, a bright new day!

Thank you for all the comments folks. Lily is now firmly entrenched in the garden with her sister Lola and they are both getting a bit of tlc.
Lily's foot has been treated and dressed and thankfully the weather is dry, very cold, but dry.
She has lost half of a toe but as we all know alpacas heal up very quickly. She will stay in the garden for the next 10 days or so until the wound doesn't need to be dressed and then be released back into the herd. To be honest she doesn't seem too bothered about it all and hasn't stopped eating since she came into the garden. Lots of food, no competition, daily cuddles from Angus, what more could she want? (Apart from the rest of her toe of course).

Today is a family day together which doesn't happen very often so Angus has written a list of things we are going to do as a family. We've had the big fry up and as I am writing this the joint of lamb (from this farm) is in the oven.
After breakfast it was time for Angus to ride his bike, minus stabilisers, for the first time. He took to it immediately (that's my boy!) and was soon careering across the alpaca field at breakneck speeds! I know, I know, sharp intake of breath, where's the helmet?
I will have you know that I carried out a full risk assessment prior to releasing the boy/bike combination and deemed it perfectly safe and normal. He only crashed a few times and didn't land on his head.

After lunch we have a nice long dog walk lined up, then it's movie time in front of the fire. I fancy there might be a wee dram of something warming involved too. The world seems a much better place today.

Halter training starts tomorrow!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see you all having a better day !....accidents do happen unfortunately !..and I bet you, it will never happen again. Nice to see Lily looking none the worse for her little accident !..enjoy your 'wee dram' the worries of the day will soon melt into that glass before you know it !....Jayne

Amiryck said...

Hooray sounds like a big improvement. Hope it continued to pan out as planned. Give us the cold over the rain anytime as well.

Keep up the roll......

Lucy said...

Glad to hear she is fine. Looks like she is enjoying the garden. Well done Angus!!! A real milestone.