Thursday, 11 February 2010

Never enough time!

Ever feel there just isn't enough time in the day? What with day jobs, chores, animals, son, other stuff I seem to get to the end of the day always thinking I could have done with a bit more time to do this or that.

Anyway today has been no different. Up early as usual it was the school run followed by alpaca injections then chores, shopping, blah, blah, blah. The good thing about today and tomorrow though? NO DAY JOB!

Earlier a good chum of mine came round to catch up and have a cuppa. Whilst he was here we fed the alpacas and took some photographs. Graham was the man who designed the original Patou Alpacas website and got us up and running. The site has changed beyond recognition since then but even today he couldn't help having a little fiddle and changed a few things whilst I wasn't looking! Here is the big fellow looking lovingly at the alpacas, or is he looking at me!?

Here is the even bigger fellow looking lovingly at the, um, camera? As you can see it is bitterly cold here today with a penetrating easterly wind, definitely a hats and gloves day. Yes I have no gloves on and yes my hands were cold!

Those of you interested in the progress of Kira, our 8 month old Newfie puppy may be pleased to know that she is settling in very well. The indoor dumping has abated and no damage has been caused for literally hours. She is very much loved here and her and Josh are inseperable.

Halter dragging is continuing, slowly, I don't know if Penny is ever really going to get it, she is so spitty! It will be interesting at the Futurity with her.

Betty, the only one left of our original chickens clucked her last this week leaving Lulu on her own so a mad dash yesterday resulted in the purchase of Cindy (a Bluebelle) and Snowflake (a light Sussex) to keep her company. They are all in the Eglu for two days now and seem to spend most of the time shouting at each other or giving each other a good kicking. I will let them out to roam freely tomorrow. Betty was nearly 5 years old which sounds like a pretty good age for a chicken to me so we are saying she died of old age and it had nothing to do with the 'Kira incident' a couple of weeks ago.

Must go, need to walk the dogs with the boy wonder.
Now if that's not a 'blog for bloggings sake' I don't know what is.


Perry Wheeler said...

Hi Mark,
Have you tried peer pressure for halter training the tricky ones? We take two animals that are really good on halters along with the difficult one. Usually the learner will follow the example of the others and get the idea (if the mother is well trained we'll often use her)

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Now...I'd just like to let you know...I had an old chicken....14 years...she was when she went to the little nest in the sky !!..she was a little bantam cross....and my pet Turkey lived until he was over 10 !! thats...a record !!...many of my old hens....(including myself)....regularly see double figures !!......maybe you should take a visor with you to the futurity....for the be protected..from Penny !..she is must go !!.......regardless....Jayne

Terry said...

Thanks for the update on the Newfie. She's looking beautiful!

gary said...

Hey I've finally figured out how to post comments.....I you at the Futurity. Hope you're not in my class'll only get thumped!!!!

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Poor Betty. Pacas looking nice in the sun. Shame about the owner spoiling the shot. Joking - great to see you "in action!"