Monday, 1 February 2010

The sun shines!

The sun has been shining for three days down here in Patouland and we have been busy.
Today marked the start of halter training and Patou Penny and Patou Minnie were the chosen ones. First of all it was round up time and that is best done when breakfast is served.

Our whole alpaca operation has moved from the top of the hill by the house to the bottom of the hill where we have located the new shelter. To get the munchkins used to going in there we are feeding them in there. Their stomachs now drag them inside, resistance is futile.

Once inside it is heads down and the munching begins. We didn't shut them all in as it would be a bit cramped but most of the girls ate in. After grub was over it was halter time. Here little Minnie the Minstrel is getting her first go with Sue whilst I held on to Penny and the camera.

Penny, may I remind you, is from the 'hair-trigger grumpy' family but actually did very well! She resisted initially but was soon walking, somewhat stiff legged admittedly, behind me on the long lead rein. Any time I went near her she went berserk but that is to be expected bearing in mind her ancestry!

Whilst we were halter training the rest of the herd watched and Poppy looked marvellous in the morning sun as you can see below. Poppy was a big rosette winner for us with a first at the Bath and West and seconds at last years Futurity and last years BAS Spring Show. Now pregnant to Lillyfield Jack of Spades of Inca she has been retired from the show circuit. Can't wait to see what that combination will produce.

Millie, who will be shown this year, was looking rather gorgeous too, although she refused to put her ears on display until I had put the camera down, typical of her. She will be mated later on in the year but before that will hopefully add to the two rosettes she won for us last year.

Once halter training was over for the day they were all back in the shed to finish off the remnants of breakfast.
Coffee and blog time for us.................poo sucking beckons though!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

They all look gorgeous !!...Poppy, Penny, Minstrel and so on....the fieldshelter(its not a shed !!) looks that the shiney new trailer I can see in the background !....looks like you are having nice weather...its a far cry from up here !......Jayne

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Lovely shelter. You are not collecting the rainwater then? Ours drink what we collect, which is quite a lot! Halter training is a way off for us due to the continued snow!

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

You did well to poo suck, ours is frozen solid to the ground!

See you at the Futurity.