Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We're nearly ready!

Having had a very early morning due to worrying about wet alpacas and a host of other things I set off for work in the dark this morning.
Sue was at home and did a marvellous job of leaving the alpacas outside until 2 minutes before the heavens opened. I have just been down to the shed and Penny, Millie and a few assorted chums are dry, very grumpyhummy, but dry.

With the appalling weather down here (no snow folks just lots of wet rain) they will have to remain there until I can escape from the day job tomorrow and return to load up.
Hopefully we can lead them across the field to the trailer without them getting wet. We can do no more, I can't risk taking the trailer into the field as it is just too soft and slippery.

Once loaded it will be Stoneleigh here we come!


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Good luck...keeping the girls dry and winning those ribbons.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Go forth and Conquer....The Mighty Patou!!!!..stay dry...and savour the moment....Im counting on you....I wish I could be there....still...I'll probably be snowed in by then !....Jayne

Lucy of Coire Alpacas said...

Good luck. Hope you have a great time!