Tuesday, 12 June 2012

A day to remember

Today is my birthday and so once Sue had left for work and Angus had gone to school I had the place to myself. I planned a day with the newly shorn Patou herd. Who knows maybe a cria would come on this prestigious date.
First though was the little sweaty task of 'mucking out'. Due to inclement weather during and after shearing we have had all sheds and marquees up and open for business. The problem is they can't even be bothered to step out into the field to do their pooping. There was quite a lot of it! Not only that but the place had obviously been hosed down with alpaca wee, the filthy minxes.

Anyway once that was all done and the fleece was sorted I had time to wander about the field gazing at the beautiful slender graceful creatures that had emerged from under all that fleece. It is my favourite time of the year. The girls have never looked more gorgeous.

I sat down and was soon surrounded as mothers seemingly brought their babies over for me to admire. Here  is Reeya with little Talisker, Sahara also joined the group.

Then Poppy came over, (left bum) with Priscilla (grandmother and right bum, ooh that doesn't sound right, I mean her bum is on the right) and in the foreground, Poppy's boy Thor (God of Thunder).

Whilst I was out there, Minstrel, our lovely black Jack of Spades girl (she does have a white chinny chin chin) appeared to be readying herself for something. At 345 days she was bang on time. I nipped out for half an hour and upon my return................yes, she had just popped one out!

Further details of the latest addition to the Mighty Patou herd tomorrow!


Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

So could this be, is it... the long awaited girl?!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I'm guessing the same ! A Mighty fine Girl ....the long awaited one ! Here's hoping .....Jayne

Silver fox and Frances said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday and hope you enjoy the rest of the day whatever you are doing to celebrate it.Cheers

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

What a treat to have a cria on your birthday...shall he/she be called Marquis or Marquise?!!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

You are a tease! you're just making sure you sell copies of your 'newspaper' tomorrow! Days like that are great, when some of the earlier trials can be put behind you.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

i forgot to mention.....with all the excitement....of the new arival 'Happy Birthday' what a B'day present !......hope you had a good one ! ......Jayne

Rosemary said...

What a lovely birthdy present - and they do all look very good!
Happy Birthday!