Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Double Whammy

We have several females approaching 11 and a half months and the last couple of days have been full of incident. Yesterday, for the first day ever we had two cria born on the same day. I know the bigger breeders have a dozen cria before breakfast every day during the summer but we don't. We never have had more than one in a day and so yesterday was all rather exciting. At one point I completely lost it (again) with worry. 24 hours on, all is well and I have calmed down.
First of all I went out to walk the dogs at 7.45, I had already been out in my jim jams at sparrow fart but was now showered and dressed, I find that the neighbours and the milkman seem to prefer that. 

As I wandered through the maternity ward I noticed Bobby, one of our originals, squatting. I saw poo forthcoming and wandered on taking in the rest of the field. On passing Bobby five minutes later she was squatting again. Aha, now this is interesting. I walked as quickly as I could (almost mincing really) back to the house and alerted Sue who, and she may deny this, was still in bed.

Bobby is one of our 'Big-hitters', she is a dark fawn Mateus girl and has produced four cracking females in a row. Poppy (brown and mother of Roger Resilient), Penny (brown and mother of Sultan) and two black Jack of Spades girls, the mighty Ruby May and the lovely Sabrina. So in other words Bobby has done very well for us. Bobby was once again pregnant to the awesome Jack of Spades.

We watched with interest from the bedroom window and I saw something twitching at the back. Hang on a minute what colour is that? I muttered. It certainly wasn't black and it certainly wasn't brown. It was either white or light fawn. Hang on a minute we don't do white or fawn it's one of our rules down here in Patouland. Nevertheless within a few minutes Bobby had delivered a rather large light fawn male. He was in a cush within 5 seconds, never seen that before. He weighed in at 10.90kg and although initially strong he weakened and we had to tube him with plasma (many thanks to the troopers at Reddingvale!)

To cut a long story short he is now doing well. So without further ado, please allow me to introduce Patou Tarquin, our new light dark brown male!

We thought that was that for the day but at 7.30pm Sue went out to check the girls and found a dark blob with legs kicking about at the foot of Reeya, our top brown female. Reeya is a Jack of Spades girl and this was the one that I have been looking forward to, the first Jack/Qjori cross.

I will say that at 7.58 kilos he was up and about quickly and feeding well within a couple of hours. Because of the awful weather both boys and mums spent the night tucked up in the shed.

Ladies and gentlemen, a fanfare if you please because I happen to think that this little boy may be rather special. He is a glorious brown colour with those lovely dark points, just like his sire. 
His name is Patou Talisker and I am a little bit over the moon with him. He is a real cracker!

Here he is tucking in with Truffle looking on. A few seconds after this picture she tried to rip his coat off. Yes, he is a stud muffin!

I know it looks like he has submerged his head and feet in a bucket of creosote but I like that look.

Tarquin and Talisker join Thor and Truffle (the sole female), here is a picture of the Mighty Thor who is also a cracking little fellow. 

Now, I love my little boys, they are marvellous and maybe one of them will be a future herdsire here at Patou but FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ENOUGH BOYS! BRING ON THE GIRLS!!!!


Amiryck said...

I have ordered all your share of girls for us, sorry!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Time for Sir Cliff again..."dah,da-da, da-da, dah, da-da, da-da, dah da-da, da-da, da - bom, bom, bom, bom....."

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a surprise ....Light Fawn/Brown, what's going on with those colours. I thought you specialised in the darker shades of Brown !!!
Those babies are looking super matter what colour they arrive in. I'm sure those girls will be on their way soon ......keep the faith ! .....Jayne

Debbie, Barnacre Alpacas said...

Looking good, even if the colour of one wasn't quite what you expected - alpacas seem to be good at that don't they!

We were 4 - 0 to the boys but we are now 5 - 4 after the last few days so don't worry too much.

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Less of this colour bias please...they BOTH look great!

Bev said...

Two real cuties, congratulations. Not sure I could cope with the stress of failing newborns, well done for catching that one and treating successfully.

gary said...

With all these colour variations, next you will be doing suris!!