Friday, 1 June 2012

The proudest day

We returned, weary, sore and perhaps a little bit dirty from the Royal Bath and West Show last night. We also returned with a hat full of rosettes. Half of those rosettes were bagged by Angus and his little alpaca Patou Sherwood (locally known as Woody). I will let the pictures do the talking.

First Angus and Woody were in the junior handler class. The apprentice judge Shirley Bettinson put the contestants through their paces and Angus bagged second place. We were up and running.

It may appear from the picture below that Angus isn't that happy, he was but he was now focussing on the main show. The big one. The junior brown male class was coming up.

First into the ring Gus and Woody were soon being put through their paces.

It was first! First place for Gus and the Woodster (a Cambridge Columbus boy)!
He doesn't look jubilant with his win  but Gus did reveal that he was close to tears at the time, which made two of us!

Sue was also in the ring with Sultan (a Jack of Spades boy) and 2nd place meant the boys had done what they did in Devon two weeks ago, fantastic for us and our breeding programme, we are getting something right!

Angus also picked up the special rosette for the top placed SWAG member in the class. 
Sue and Angus then took the two boys into the Countryside arena for an open air parade  in the sunshine.

Marvellous, absolutely marvellous.

That was our job done on the first day, four rosettes bagged we retreated to the field next to the alpaca marquee where we had pitched our tent for a barbecue and a few sherberts.

Day two, I have no pictures of day two so I will sum up. We had the two big boys in the Intermediate Brown Male Class, Roger Resilient and Rafiki. Sue and Roger bagged second place behind a superb little male from West Dorset Alpacas, his fleece was amazing, a worthy winner. Rafiki came in fourth and I fear may not make the grade as a potential herdsire. Roger is still looking good though and will be retaining his undercarriage.

Following that we packed up and headed home, Angus is back to school today and we have females looking ready to burst. I will be heading back to see who gets Supreme Champion today. I will be walking proud at the showground, proud of our little boys, all three of them.


Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Lovely photos Mark...what handsome boys you have (and a gorgeous wife of course!) are right to be proud!

Frances said...

Brilliant - well done Team Patou.

Jenny said...

What! Rafiki not a herd sire?? Per chance you have equipped yourself of a white stick recently. My little Rafiki that I chose as new born babe - shame!

Rosemary said...

Congratulations, Mark - excellent results!

Anonymous said...

Well done Patou!! Lovely photos, go Angus!

Lorna Penfold said...

Fabulous news! Well done to you all :-) xxx

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

What a fantastic day ....Super results for the Mighty Patou ! I just love the photo of Angus, Woody and those ..Mighty fine Wellies !!!!!! Congratulations ...Jayne

Ginny and Nigel said...

We are mighty pleased for you !!!

Amiryck said...

Well done team Patou. Especially the mighty Gus. I hope the show is back on the half term and with a judge we can show under next year and we will see you there.