Friday, 29 June 2012

The Pinger pinged!

Two days ago I was on alpaca watch. In fact I have been on alpaca watch all week. As a result I am exhausted. Is it tiring this alpaca watching? Well, no not really but everything else is. Sue has been working all week. She leaves at 7.30am and gets home at 2.30pm. I have therefore switched my shifts round so that I start at 3pm. A nice relaxing time to start, plenty of time for a nice shower, a long lunch and time for chores galore. The downside is that starting at 3 I have to finish at midnight. So by the time I get home and get to bed it is 1am. Then it's up at 7 to get Gus some breakfast and continue with the 'watching'.
Now this may seem normal behaviour to some but I am a 10.30pm bed time boy. I'm always up early but rarely stay up later than that. So this 'watching' business means that come ten o'clock at night my brain is in shut-down mode and my eyes subconsciously are scanning my surroundings for a dark corner for me to curl up in. Sorry that may have given the impression that I am capable of curling up like a cat, obviously I am not cat like in any way. More like a bear I suppose, but not as flexible, I digress. 

So this watching business. Have I witnessed anything of note?

Abso-blooody-lutely I have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day before yesterday I saw Polly, who was at the far end of the field, with two tails. One of them was fawn like the rest of her the other was definitely not fawn, it was very dark, and it looked like a head. This was the moment I had been waiting for, the moment I had trained for, the moment that I sprang into action like a crack commando unit, I was a blur as I hurtled (please allow me a bit of poetic licence here) up the hill, birthing kit under my arm. I screeched to a halt a short distance away and quietly observed, glancing casually at my watch to make sure everything was proceeding at text book pace. My heart rate barely subsided as I fought to contain my excitement. A head and two feet became a head and two legs, a body, a slippery slide and a gentle thud as the newborn landed on planet Patou.

To cut a long story short ladies and gentlemen, drum roll followed by fanfare please.......

May I announce the arrival of Patou Tabitha! And yes, Tabitha is a girls name!

Tabitha, a beautiful dark chocolate brown and weighing in at a generous 9kg is absolutely perfect in every way and completely and utterly gorgeous! Not only that but she is exactly what I predicted! I am now officially classing myself as a savant and am available for predictions for a small fee.

Here she is with her mother Polly, now how about that for an injection of colour from Qjori!

Polly had a gorgeous Columbus girl last year, Patou Spirit, a real favourite here and already on the 'never to be sold list'. Spirit has been hanging around her mother and is only a spit distance away from her new sister at all times as can be seen in the photograph below.

I am 'on watch' again today as the final three are all over 340 days. The brown girls are on their way!


Rosemary said...

I am so very, very jealous - Tabitha is simply lovely (and a great name). I am also supremely jealous that you can sprint up the hill - I have to make do with a wheezy lope!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Congratulations...fabulous colour! will have to teach her to twinkle her that would exceedingly cute!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Whey Hey ! your lovely 'Pink', I mean Brown pray tell what is the prediction secret...I have mastered the art in the slightly blue'er shade. Tabitha is perefctly and Pink...she is a stunner....well worth all that excitement......Jayne