Sunday, 4 January 2009

Different styles

Sorry folks more photographs.

It is interesting that Sue looks at the whole thing from a different point of view to me. I wanted a new camera so that I could take better pictures of the alpacas. I am sure we have all walked around the fields and said 'If only I had the camera, look at that pose!' Or 'If only I was closer'. No? Course you have.

Sue, who used to be a keen photographer with the old wind on Pentax about lots of years ago has a different viewpoint, and has been experimenting with black and white shots. Very effectively I think.

The mad lab Josh for once being still.

Angus........................haircut due soon I think.

(left to right) Barney, Moselle, Alacazam (he is currently working undercover on the great alfalfa smuggling fiasco and he has been blacked out for security reasons) and Reggie.
I know too much shadow............the sun was low etc etc.

Orchard Blackjack, who is recovering nicely from his bout of Rickets. I'm quite proud of that shot. A black alpaca standing on a mound, in the sun and you can see his face. Who would have thought it. Very Incaesque.

Finally I caught Henry and Columbus playing musical statues. Couldn't quite work out what tune they were humming. I like the sheep in the background......well I don't actually know them that well but they do seem like a nice bunch.


Debbie said...

Great shots - I want one of those fancy cameras. Everyone always comes running to me so I get noses all the time! As for the black alpacas mine are always working under cover too.

Lucy said...

Nice pics. Good to have different styles. I love the baleful doggie eyes!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Nice to see that Sue has managed to get hold of the camera also !

I shall keep a keen eye on the alpaca yours truly and the other shots I'll give Sue all the credit !!....lovely pictures, nice to see the different faces of the mighty Patou Patter !!..Jayne

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Jack Frost.....-6....It i'll do you good, thermal undies and all that clobber !!
You can't expect to get away scott free from the mighty freeze !!...

You soft southern shandy drinking lot !!.....(only joking !)of
course........Freezing my socks off in Scotland......Jayne