Friday, 2 January 2009

Time off!!

The day job has been infringing over the Christmas and New Year period but now I am off for three days and sun has been shining on a cold and frosty Patouland.

Sadly Sue is now back to work but on the plus side it was a day for some father and son bonding.
First up was my daily customary drubbing at scalextric. I modified the track this morning, taking out some nasty bends and hopefully evening up the competition but it was not to be. The boy wonder seems to have the knack and his Ferrari 430 was sticking to the track better than my much better looking Aston Martin DB9. I pushed hard but came unstuck (literally) when I tried to get in front. I will win, I may have to start cheating.
After Scalextric it was Lego with much building to be done followed by lunch. Sausages, naturally.

Then this afternoon we ventured out together with the mad labs for some fresh air and I was able to take a few snaps with MY new camera. Ha ha! She went to work and relinquished her iron grip on the mighty Canon! It was all mine, zoom lens attached we stepped out wrapped up to the eyeballs.
It's a start folks and I hope to improve as I find out what all the pretty buttons and knobs are for.
As a matter of interest for a friend of mine north of Hadrians Wall I am currently cradling a crystal glass of Glenlivet. A Speyside malt. Rather delicious. Can the distillery be seen from Coire HQ?


Lucy said...

Yum! It is not within sight but 20 mins away. We do have three other distilleries in the village though, so not bad going: Knockando, Tamdhu and Cardhu........ I used to work at Glenlivet when I was a student, so there you go. Seen it all from the inside and tasted the product plenty of times!!!

Lorna Penfold said...

Great photos Mark! We are very excited as we are hoping to have our animals back from Ronda, in January, after a nightmare year. Maybe a new camera too, to help us celebrate. Lets hope 2009 is great for us all! Happy new year!
Lorna & Alan xxx