Saturday, 24 January 2009

Show team revealed!

Finally our computer problems are sorted out! Both laptops are now fully protected, fully connected (wirelessly) and everything that was loaded onto the old computer has been fransferred.
I now have the weekend off and having played with Angus all day including an hours kickabout with the rugby ball in the alpaca field I now have an hour to spare while he regains his energy by watching drivel on the television. Happy days.
I had another look through the Patou Show Team for 2009 at feeding time and I am very pleased with them. A nice sunny dry day here and the herd looked tremendous.
Anyway the time has come to reveal the mighty Patou show team. (I know, I know, I am living in a little fantasy world of my own. I don't care, it's my world so it's my fantasy)
First up is the utterly gorgeous Patou Poppy. She took the first prize rosette in the junior brown female section at The Royal Bath and West Show last year and still looks lovely. Her sire is superstud ATA Cambridge Centurion.
Next up is Patou Alacazam. Al is an August baby and will just squeeze into the junior black male section. Once again Centurion is the daddy. Al has the looks and the posability of his Dad and a very sparkly fleece, he's a real character.

Another August baby is Patou Amelie, daughter of my favourite alpaca in the whole wide world, Lily. Amelie is a gorgeous brown colour and is very crimpy. She has the same laid back nature of her rosette winning mum and she is loved a great deal here. She looks after her fleece very well by never allowing it to get wet. I have never seen her dirty, she always looks as if she has just come back from the salon. A proper little madam!

Next up is our feisty little Killawasi boy Patou Barney. He again was born in August and will be really up against it in the junior fawn male section. Another shed dweller he is rarely wet.

Finally another Centurion girl Avon Water Moselle, she caught our eye due to a stunning fleece. She will be up against it in the junior fawn class but we are hopefull.
So there you have it, the show team for the Futurity. We just can't wait! Win lose or draw it will be fab!


Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Win, Lose, or draw, enjoy the moment....nice show team, lovely photos....I'll be looking out for the show results and some rosettes !!!!....coming your way !!

I wish I could be there, send me a post card !!....Jayne

Debbie said...

They look fab, can't wait to see them at the Futurity!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

All this alpaca talk is ok but what I really want to know is...
Have you changed the BEDS !!...did you find the bed shop at the bottom of the Mighty Patou Pacaland !!....Jayne

Lucy said...

What a mighty show team! Seriously, they look great. Very impressed. Wishing you every success.