Monday, 12 January 2009


Sorry I have been absent from the blog for a few days but things have been pretty hectic around here, not alpacawise, other life wise. Friday was Angus's 6th birthday party and involved a huge amount of work by Sue, baking cakes, making jelly, generally preparing everything. We hired a hall and for two hours 25 screaming children were entertained by a 'childrens entertainer' who I think must have been on some very strong medication. He was brilliant and the kids had a great time.

Just before the party I nipped outside on a gloriously frosty morning and took some great shots of very frosty alpacas. Temperatures have been dipping to minus 13 around here and the alpacas copped a bit of frost.

Valley Farm Juno looking very comfy in the sunlight.

Henry and Columbus with frosty topknots and ears.

A closer look at the big fellows frosty make-up.

Bobby with a frosty beard, eyelashes, everything really!

And finally an action shot of the maddest of the two mad labs.
Other than that I was 'dayjobbing' over the weekend and today I have just returned from a days shooting with the above mad lab, Josh. We were both very wet very muddy and are now very shattered. He's now asleep in front of the fire and I will be joining him shortly.
So there you are, not buried in poop, just pooped.


Katie said...

So they were in focus then! Great photos.

Lucy said...

Did you shoot anything to eat? We usually have a freezer full of various "things" thanks to Gerry.

Lucy said...

Oh sorry, meant to say, lovely pix. Defo ones for Alpaca World!

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind comments about the photos, they are getting better!

Wouldn't go shooting if there wasn't something to eat at the end of it! A couple of brace of pheasant have been dealt with today and will be consumed later in the week.

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Excellent photos....lovely frosty make-over !!...Just showing off with that new camera !

Now, on the shooting....I don't participate in that sort of thing !
I prefer to see them living !..just eat rice and beans up in these parts...hence the high winds in Scotland !....nice to hear from you, thought you had been lost in alpaca poo-land, glad you have found your way onto the blog !...One man and his mad lab, went to mow a meadow ! so they say.......