Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Sorry for the blog abscence but we had a complete computer meltdown over the weekend.
Much huffing and puffing and trying to fix things without success ended in a trip to the big computer shop yesterday.

The array of computers was confusing and the 'customer helper' knew about as much about computers as me. Anyway two hours later and I was on the way home with a shiny new computer for us and a little one for Angus ............................... and a headache.

Today I have spent three hours talking to some very nice men in Delhi, six of them in fact, and two nice chaps and a lady in Waterford, Ireland. Together they have got us back on line but to be honest I am sick of the sight of the thing so this blog is just to say that things will be resuming as normal soon.

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Modern Technology.....is it a Dell by any chance, I've spoken to the whole of Indian back-up team at one point and often wondered how, to stay polite through gritted teeth....and nice people in Ireland also....how do they stay, calm and nice...when all you want to do is throw the blasted thing out of the nearest window...!!.

But, refrain....if you did that there would be no Blog !..the only thing that keeps you hanging on to a bit of sanity....Ahhhhhhhhhhhh....Stress ! give an alpaca a hug !....it works........Jayne.