Friday, 22 February 2013

A message from upon high!

And so it came to pass that an electronic mail communication arrived in the arrival lounge of the computer generated message centre belonging to the Chief Warrior of The Mighty Patou. The message had been issued by the High Priestess of the Great Inca Tribes, massed across the border in deepest darkest Dorsetshire. It had been transported across space and time via technology that is way beyond my simple understanding of life as it is known here in Patouland. Indeed every time such a message arrives it is greeted with great wonder and bewilderment as to how it has come from the fingertips of one being to the computer screen of another in the blink of an eye. It is indeed a thing of witchcraft or wizardry.

Anyway the message from The High Priestess was filled with advice based on years of experience and the structure and composition of the message had presumably been guided by the hand and mind of the master of all that is black, The Dark King himself.

In the message was a message. The message was simple and was designed to relieve the stress on the Patou tribe. In summary, once the niceties were stripped away the message was: "Stop weighing him every day you dingoes donger".

For indeed I have been weighing him every day, for I am indeed a dingoes donger. 

So, there is no news about young Tsars weight this morning, none. He is lively and he is eating well. 

Moving on now.

Two days ago I unveiled half of the Mighty Patou Futurity show team, young brown boys, Patou Taz and Patou Troy. So without further ado I will unveil the rest of the small but beautifully formed Patou Show Team. 

Firstly, perhaps a surprise. The utterly beautiful Patou Sabrina. Sabrina is the full sister to the utterly beautiful Patou Ruby May who did so well for us a couple of years ago and has now moved on to the equally beautifully formed Artwork Alpacas. Sabrina will be in the intermediate black female class (not much competition there then!).
We haven't shown Sabrina before, she narrowly missed out on making the team last year but her fleece has come on nicely since then. We think we halter trained her last year. We do have a photograph of her standing still with a halter on so we did do some training with her. Tomorrow we will find out how much she remembers as I will be refreshing her memory.

The final spot in the show team is taken by one of our stars from last year. Patou Sherwood.
Sherwood, or Woody as he is affectionately known belongs to Angus and was shown almost exclusively by him last year.
The below photograph was taken at the Royal Bath and West Show where Angus and Woody had taken first place in the junior brown male class (we took second place too with Patou Sultan - now resident in Holland, oooh hark at me, Mr International!!!).  Woody and Sultan also took first and second place at The Devon County Show last year.
Angus is also sporting his rosette from the junior handler class and the Best of British rosette that they also won. That's the way to do it, one alpaca, one nine year old boy, three rosettes!

So there we have it, the team unveiled, no doubt to gasps and sharp intakes of breath across the UK and beyond.

And as for Tsar, well he's put on 50 grams. I'm sorry I just couldn't not weigh him!


Judi B said...

50 gms is 50 gms and it's a gain! None of us would like it if you stopped weighing as we await the results each can blame all your readers when you have to explain to them at Inca! Keep it going Tsar!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

Great blog you still make us laugh through the ups and downs!

Mark said...

I have made a huge faux pas!

Sabrina was indeed shown last year, at The Futurity where she took 5th place in the junior black female class!

What a numper I am!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

Sound advice I am sure! When we were weighing Golden Delicious daily in the autumn, we tried to bear in mind each morning whether it had been raining during the night and how wet her fleece was, and whether she had just fed from her mum or not.!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Put that one down to a more senior moment ...a lapse in the Mighty concentration ... due to all the excitement .....its nice to see you are in the red zone ...and Tsar is hopefully going to stay there .... Jayne