Thursday, 21 February 2013

It's a rollercoaster

Not sure what to say this morning, there is a much better feeling here in Patouland, Tsar seems to have picked up and the little bugger has put on 300 grams of what he lost yesterday which means he now weighs in at 17.35 kilos. 

He is very bright and alert and feeding well. 

The changes we made yesterday (we had to change something) was to start him on a course of broad spectrum anti-biotics (Amoxypen) and to give him Pro-kolin three times a day to help bind him up and keep his gut healthy whilst on the anti-biotics. 

It is another bright sunny day but there is a bitterly cold wind coming in from the east. So, keen to get Tsar out onto some grass I have moved the outdoor suite to a lovely sheltered spot next to the house, I've also left his coat on just for good measure.

As if to stress to me that he is feeling better when he was attacked by his cellmate Thor he retaliated in spectacular form. The first photograph shows an ankle biting session that went on for ages.

Finally the neck wrestling began and little Tsar, who is half the weight of Thor, managed to get Thor pinned to the floor. You can't actually tell who is the victor from this picture but believe me Tsar was pinning Thor down. 

I'm afraid (Sue will tell you) that my mood is in direct correlation with Tsars state of health. Yesterday was not a good day but today things are definitely looking up!


Judi B said...

Well he certainly looks better today and the neck wrestling must be a positive sign! Keep it up little Tsar...we're rooting for you at LGM!

Apple Vale Alpacas said...

It's good that he is in good spirits physically - a positive sign!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

I think the rollercoaster ride has gone on long enough now, time to get off me thinks ....nice to see some high spirits between the boys ...Jayne