Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Daily Tsar update.

Thank you all so much for your comments, e-mails and telephone calls. Sue and I are digesting all of the advice that has been passed to us and are treating Tsar as best as we can.

As there is so much interest I will try and keep up a daily blog of how he progresses.

He is still bright and alert this morning and tucking into food. We have introduced micronised peas and alfalfa into his feed and he has access to some lovely soft hay. I have also given him a large dose of multi-vitamins this morning.

He lost more weight overnight but dramatically less than the past few days, in fact he only lost 50 grams which I guess is about the equivalent of a quick wee!

We have got into a regime now, he has had his first daily dose of Colostrum and his Pro-rumen. I have also given him 200ml of water with glucose and electrolytes in it. As soon as I did that he wandered off and had a very long drink from his bucket!

We have stopped the Kaogel. The reasoning behind this is that a) it wasn't making a huge difference, and b) we think it may affect the absorption of the Colostrum.

As it isn't raining or snowing Tsar is now outside for the day with his 'room-mate' Thor (God of Thunder).
I don't think Thor is talking to Tsar today though as it appears that Tsar squitted all over his back overnight. Ooops!

So, here in Patouland we are still positive!


Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Glad to hear this, still keeping everything crossed for your beautiful boy. Thank you for keeping us up to date.

Karen Oglesby - Meon Valley Alpacas said...

Probably a shot in the dark but Manuka Honey does wonders for all sorts of things and a large spoonful wouldn't do him any harm..?

Good luck

Silver Fox said...

He sounds like he is a little fighter and he is eating and thats good.With all your TLC he has to have a good chance of recovery.Good luck

Anonymous said...

thanks for share...