Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Back in the black

I'm a bit downhearted this morning, I knew it was coming, yesterday Tsar's scouring went all watery and I just knew he would lose weight. Sure enough he was down by 550 grams this morning.

Something has changed and we suspect that he has a bacterial infection. So, change of regime required. He is now on another course of anti-biotics, still having the colostrum but now also getting pro-biotic paste which also has a 'firming' agent in it. I have also given him another shot of multi-vitamins.

Tsar himself is still lively and eating well. He is staying inside today and has a nice warm coat on for good measure.

I don't feel much like writing so that's your lot for today.


Rosemary said...

Oh, Mark - very sorry. Wish I had a great idea for you - but I don't.
Thinking of you and Tsar.

Rosemary said...

Sam is also getting worried about Tsar - he says Lifeaid and Engemycin (that's what he does with the calves).
Ignore the above but he just wanted to mention it!

Barbara@beckbrowalpacas said...

I too was thinking about you and Tsar this morning. Nobody could do more Mark . Sorry about the weight loss and this won't help but is he getting plenty of electrolytes to compensate for his loses?

Judi B said...

Oh Mark, this is not the news we all hope for. Really hope that this is simply a blip and that tomorrow you'll be telling us that he's stabilised. Everything that can be is crossed for him!

Just an aside that might make you smile, your "prove you're not a robot" has just given me "ichwool" as my letters today! I'm sure this is not something you ever get from your alpacas!

Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Sorry to read this news ....hope things improve soon....Jayne

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, I am sorry to hear that Tsar has lost weight today and is still scouring badly. I have used promax (a paste) which I obtained from my vet with good results on a young cria.
Also, you may be sceptical about this and indeed I was a bit. Sorry, it's another story - a few years back I had a girl who was limping, and she had a small lump on the pad of her foot. Our vet (luckily we have a camelid vet less than 2 miles away), looked and said it's a wart. He tried a poultice on it, but by the time he was back in his practice as you can imagine the lovely very neat bandaged boot he had made and put on her had been kicked off in a huff. Our vet did mention that that there was possibly a liquid, developed by a Uni in UK that we could paint on, there was no guarantee it would work and it was £100ish for a bottle. I decided to see if there was an alternative we could try. To cut a long story short I ordered a product from This website sells bioenergetic (eveloved from homeopathy) products. I thought nothing to lose so let's give it a try. I had a spray to puff in her nostrils and some liquid to paint on the wart. I thought well, it hasn't even cost £20 and this seems very odd. Well, about 5 days later it looked as though the wart was reducing and by 10 days it had gone. It was amazing and I would never have believed it. Unfortunately about 6 months later the girl died of a ruptured hepatic vessel to the liver so I cannot say it has not come back but it certainly hadn't in the 6 months after the treatment. I have checked out the website and they also have an animal product for may be worth giving it a shot???
Sorry, it's a long comment but I hope it's useful.
Best of luck with the little fella.

Minerva Black the shoppe keeping cat said...

Oh no, just when things were looking good. Thinking of you and the little fellow. Hugs Minerva ~