Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Farewell The Mighty Quin.

Ok, this blog has been taken over by my daily Tsar updates but we need to move on, other things are happening. So I will update on Tsar first and then tell you what else is going on in Patouland.

Tsar has gained 400 grams since yesterday, his biggest 24 hour gain so far. But, and this is what I find confusing and slightly distressing, his poop is back to water, nothing to it. How is that possible?

He is lively and alert and eating well. When and how is this diarrhoea going to stop!

We have stopped the yoghurt today, we have to change something.

So moving on, today one of our number moved on to pastures new. Tarquin, or The Mighty Quin as he is affectionately known has moved a few villages away to join, Rico, Fernando, Diego and Pedro in a life of luxury. He will be very well looked after and loved dearly. That is great to know. He is a lovely boy.

The Mighty Quin.

We have entered a small show team for The Futurity. Obviously, Tsar will not be going, he is the pick of the bunch by a long way and hopefully he will grace a ring somewhere later in the year but without Tsar in the line-up we needed someone else to fill the 'Junior brown male' role in the team. 
Well we have two contenders, both Qjori boys (as is Tsar), Patou Taz is a real bruiser, the biggest weanling, strong, feisty (halter training is proving challenging!) and a beautiful rich brown colour, Taz will be attending next month.

Patou Taz 

Secondly we have Patou Troy, small, neat compact and son of Patou Penny, Queen of the hair-trigger spit monsters. Troy has been a delight (very surprising) to halter train and is also going next month.
He is pictured below standing in front of Truffle. Now I know what you are thinking; he's not brown, he's fawn. Well as I have said before, we don't breed fawns, we don't have any, underneath the bleached exterior is a lovely brown fleece. I believe it is just brown enough to be brown and not fawn. We will see!

 Patou Troy and Patou Truffle

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Zanzibah Alpacas said...

Im sure the Mighty Quinn will be much loved by his new owners,he looks a striking boy. Taz and Troy are looking good. Great news regarding Tsar, I do hope he dries up soon, then you are well on the road to recovery .... Jayne