Friday, 16 May 2008

All good news, none bad.

Well after last night I was half expecting a dead alpaca this morning. However, young Emma was very much alive this morning but still not quite right.

We had given her a painkilling injection and a muscle relaxing drug at 9.00am but by 2.00pm she was still showing mild discomfort.
A whole world away from the pain she was in last night but the vet said she should have been fully recovered by now.

Dilemma time. What to do next. I spoke again to Sue (Emma's owner) and filled her in on the details. I spoke to the vet again who was suggesting taking Emma to The School of Veterinary Science at Bristol (apologies if that is not the correct title).
To be honest if it had been one of my alpacas, erring on the side of caution I would have loaded up and been on my way.

To cut a long boring story short we didn't go to Bristol. After many phone calls we went to an equine hospital just outside Salisbury where Emma was given a real good going over by three vets, one of them an alpaca specialist.

Everything they tested for or looked for appeared normal. It was all good news. They brought a posh scanner type machine in and we could see that Emma's cria was very much alive and kicking but not ready to come out yet. The cria was still up near the ribs and the vulva was only partially elongated (is that a technical term?)

As a result Emma is now back here within the folds of the mighty Patou herd. She is still giving signs that she is experiencing discomfort but is eating well.

We are on a wait and see approach which is all we can do.

I am thinking very positively and I think this particular story will have a happy ending.

Other news; The Bath and West show is back on! I know it was going ahead anyway but now it will be in the protection zone. Bad news I suppose for those in the surveillance zone but good news for us. Oops must get on with some halter training!

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Tim Hey said...

Hi cobber,

Great to hear that your female is doing a little better tonight. I wonder what was wrong with her?

Bring on the Bath and West Show indeed! Just when I thought the East of England was going to be the next and final show of the year the PZ moves and a bet pays dividends.

Oh poo! I have some halter training to do also.


Inca Alpaca Herd Manager.