Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Happy herd and kit on the way!

As you may know we vaccinatied all our girls on Monday and I am pleased to report that there have been no ill effects evident.

The girls are as normal, happily grazing, lying, rolling in dust bowls pausing only to visit the nearest poowee pile or to have a little go at someone a little higher in the pecking order.

Spit is flying, there is posturing and there is backing off. All great stuff. All normal herd behaviour.

We have just been offered a 2 acre paddock on a friends nearby farm. As a result the boys will be heading off soon to a new pasture where they will not be distracted by the fancy prancing of the young females along the fence line. It will also free up the nearest paddock to the house as a maternity paddock.

We will bring the females up when they are about 10 and a half months and at 11 months they will move into the smallest paddock which is right, right in front of the house. The other paddock obviously isn't and I apologise for misleading you.........although some of it is. It is honestly!

Major news is that I have today ordered my shearing equipment!

Yes I am to train at the foot of the master, Sir Tim of Inca. He will teach me the ancient art of shearing. We will no doubt spend hours, nay days sitting in the lotus position in a peaceful glade as he imparts his wisdom upon me. I will study hard under the master, my body will be honed, my hands will be like knife edges moving in a blur as I learn the ancient ways. I will try not to dissapoint the sensei.

So by the end of June I will be up and running as a fully trained shearer. No doubt by the end of July I will have retired due to chronic back pain and will lay my new shearing equipment down triumphant in the knowledge that my career was without fatality............hopefully.

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