Sunday, 4 May 2008

Vaccinations underway

On Friday we vaccinated the boys, Jake, Henry, Bo and Apollo. Temperatures were taken beforehand and they were thoroughly checked over. All fully fit and ready to take the needle for the herd.

We read all the blurb that came with the vaccine and it stated in trials on sheep and cattle that a temperature rise of up to a degree was normal.

Yesterday morning we had a temperature rise of half a degree and the boys seemed as fit and healthy as they did the day before.

It was actually nice for me to get hands on with the boys again. Sue was wielding the thermometer at the rear end whilst I got the front.

Mr Bo Jangles was an absolute delight. He has always been a favourite and is always in the thick of everything. He is always the grubbiest, he always picks up the most burrs, he has his nose into everything. Whilst halter training the girls for the shows Bo was always walking in a line with them not wanting to miss out. In short he is a real character.

Today whilst holding Bo I was picking out the various bits and pieces of vegetation which inhabit his fleece. Bo was quite calm and had twisted his head round so that we were eye to eye. There was the faint whiff of spit in the air so I knew he was fully loaded and ready to go but I held his gaze and kissed him on the nose. We held each others stare, nose to nose, me breathing in the smell of alpaca spit, him presumably breathing in the smell of eggs and bacon. It was magical.

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