Sunday, 18 May 2008

New power tool and a visit from the big boys.

Firstly may I say that Valley Farm Emma who caused us so much concern on Thursday and Friday appears to be fully recovered. We don't know what was wrong with her despite four vets having a prod and a poke. We just know that whatever it was has now gone away. Splendid, it can stay away, its not nice

On Saturday my Heiniger shearing machine together with several combs and cutters arrived from the Lake District. What a mean machine it looks I can't wait to get stuck in. I only ordered it on Thursday so was very pleased, what splendid service from Highway Shearing, everything sharpened, oiled and ready to go.
I just need to get my 'alpaca stretching out' kit sorted and I'll be ready to learn from the wise one. Apparently I need a Shawshank pulley with a reverse triple salco, or something. It sounded complicated and although I tried to remember it, it just went in one ear and out the other.

A bit of rope and some wood, I remembered that bit. Oh yes and a lower back made of iron and a cold beer for afterwards.....mmmmmmm sounds good.

Today we visited Incaland and picked up two of the big boys, Atlantic Cambridge Centurion (multi award winning I should add) and Shute Farm Boris who is turning into my favourite stud male. He's great, a big old unit and a bit of a go getter and a big soft pudding to boot.

We carried out a spit off up the road for Liz Curzen, a very convincing spit off from young Connie and then home where Patou Bobby continued to spit spectacularly at everything.

She just looked at poor old Boris and let fly like some sort of wild spinning mint sauce fountain that has gone very very wrong. I unfortunately had to enter the 'spitzone' to rescue Boris who quite frankly wasn't looking very impressed at all. Still Bobby didn't keep her pregnancy last year so it's looking good so far, only another 9 and a half months to go then.

Tisbury Bella however still need some Boris love which he naturally provided. They actually looked a lovely couple as you can see.

They had just 'finished' in this shot and are both looking ever so slightly embarrassed.

Centurion himself was looking superb...............but then, he always does.

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drumgerry said...

Centurion is a wonderful male is he not. We have a 2007 cria of his and he is the spit of his dad - strong, upstanding with a dense, crimpy, fine fleece - what more could you ask for? Needless to say we have high hopes for our boy. Gerry - Coire Alpacas