Monday, 12 May 2008


Another glorious day in Wiltshire and late afternoon we gathered the female contingent of the Patou herd in for their Blue tongue Vaccinations.

The boys have showed no ill effects, well they wouldn't would they, men are after all the stronger sex. I will stand by for a severe clip round the ear later once Sue has read that!
Yes it will hurt.

Anyway it was time for the girls today and whilst Sue wrote the names of the victims down I wandered through a tightly packed bunch of hot ladies administering the vaccine. It is always interesting handling all the animals up close one after the other. You get a real picture of who has the softest, most dense, longest, crimpiest fleece and who has the best fleece overall. It was interesting. You also get a good idea about who is the calmest, the most stressy and the most spitty.

If anyone is interested my findings are as follows:

Softest fleece - tough one, Patou Poppy, Tisbury Bella and Orchard Ruby equal first.

Densest fleece - another tough call; Patou Bobby, Windsong Valley Milarka and Forge Sophie.

Longest staple length - Patou Fifi, Forge Sophie and Windsong Valley Milarka.

Crimpiest - Patou Lily, Orchard Ruby and Forge Sophie.

Best fleece overall - simple one this, Patou Lily.

Well she is my favourite after all!

Calmest alpaca - naturally Patou Lily, well she does love me.

Most stressy - Coolaroo Judy, she is the most scarediest alpaca ever, lies down before you even touch her. She had an extra long cuddle today. No, she doesn't spit.

Spittiest - Patou Bobby. Which is a good thing because she was mated to Canchones Witness of Inca three weeks ago and I want her to be spitty, very very spitty.

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