Monday, 5 May 2008

Today has been a day split between chores in and around the house and a splendid picnic lunch at one of our favourite spots.

Late morning and as the weather was looking good we took ourselves and the dogs to White Sheet hill just north of Mere, in super sunny south west Wiltshire. The rucksack was packed with the usual sandwiches, sausages, drinks and crisps. Wellies on, blanket packed, we were off.

Surprisingly White Sheet Hill was deserted. The main pastures were also deserted due to the large amount of wild flowers. The grazers will be allowed back once the flowers have gone, it made for a great day for us as the dogs and Angus could run free unfettered.

As usual a picnic involving a highly energetic 5 year old boy and two 'eat anything, anytime, anywhere' chocolate labs was never going to be totally relaxing.

First to come under attack from the Joshmeister (16 month old lab) was Sue's sausage, he actually got hold of it but Sue wasn't giving it up and after a short tussle Sue's sausage was saved. Good girl.

However, the cup of Ribena which she had put down soon disappeared as Josh slurped the lot in rapid time. I immediately stiffened my defences and started wolfing vigorously before my sandwiches were under threat. Josh's main tactic seemed to be to hit you in the face with a big slobbery tongue and whilst you were distracted to swiftly turn his attentions to your what you were holding in your hands.

Lunch was quick, very quick.

However we got some lovely pictures and had a fine walk. Our picnic spot was on the top edge of a very steep slope, as you can see from the below picture. Sue took the picture of the dogs watching me like a hawk as I held up two Bonios whilst Angus is reappearing from the abyss.
I am a very lucky man to have such a great little family and for us to be surrounded by the nicest natured animals you could wish for.

On our return it was alpaca thermometer time for the BTV vaccine testing team . The boys braced themselves again and all was well. Bo was once again a superstar and we had some halter training afterwards. Bo and Henry will be our show team for agricultural shows later in the summer. They look great.
In fact the herd is looking tremendous at the moment. I can't figure who is my favourite. It was always Lily, but now there's my Bo encounters.....and Fifi is so cute.......and Lola is so lovely and Henry is a such a poofter (I think I can still say that?) and Sophie came up to me today and let me stroke her............SOPHIE! Sophie's mum Judy is the scarediest alpaca of all time. She is scared rigid of humans and seems to hate all other alpacas. She is so mean to everyone but we have a big soft spot for, she could never be my favourite but she is sooooo scared you can't but love her. So for Sophie to come up was great.
Favourite alpaca today? I just can't make my mind up.
Bo...................and Lily.................and Lola............oh I give up.

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I'm not a loony said...

Quote "The rucksack was packed with the usual sandwiches, sausages, drinks and crisps"

mmmmh?...what did everyone else eat?

good blog today lad...something I can understand instead of all that injection vaccine technical goat talk :-)