Wednesday, 7 May 2008

I am still having internet problems so in order to miss out on the delightful experience of starting a blog then having to wait for the machine to reconnect to the interweb about seven times a minute I am outfoxing the web thing. I am typing this offline and will paste it in to the blog. Just like a highly trained SAS team, the preparation will be time consuming but when the time is right I’ll be in and out before you can say buttocks.

As a consequence, its 6.30pm I am sitting in the garden with a nice glass of Tempranillo. The alpacas are all up near the house and I am sitting within 20 feet of eleven alpacas…….make that twelve, Lola was lurking behind a tree. They are grazing peacefully, I am typing peacefully, Sue, who has taken emotional control of the new lambs (they are popping out on a daily basis) is with her flock studying them with my binoculars, peacefully.
Angus is watching Tom and Jerry prior to his shower and bed, the dogs have crashed out, the cat is still crashed out and the chickens are between me and the alpacas in their own little protection zone. The world is a pretty special place at times like this.

I would like to pass our congratulations to Debbie and Paul of Barnacre Alpacas who have finally persuaded Mary to unpack. Excellent news, looks like a nice little lad too.

We are expecting the first of twelve cria in about 3 weeks and although some of them are for sale the current BTV vaccine/protection zone state means that they will probably all unpack here. Which of course will be fantastic. No summer holiday for me again then. Tee hee! Actually that’s not right. I love holidays, it’s just that I love alpacas more, especially newborn cria.

The boys are still very well so the vaccination of the girls will go ahead early next week,

It seems that the alpacas have suffered no ill effects to the vaccine. The boy’s temperatures rose about half a degree, which to be honest could have been to do with the weather. Average temperatures before the vaccine were 38.3 C and Bo has had the highest temperature at 39.1 C. That seemed to be the peak as he has dropped slightly.
All good news.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mark, Mary & little Horacio are doing just fine - he's already charging round the field looking for trouble!
Glad the boys are fine following the BTV vaccines, we'll have a long wait to get any vaccine up here, we're last on the list!