Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Bath & West Show, panic and indecision strikes.

Well the mighty Bath & West Show is underway in somewhat wet conditions. Today apparently was fleece and junior Suri judging.

The Patou herd remains at home, drenched, really drenched.

The weather forecast says it may be drier tomorrow and Friday, but really, how often is the forecast right?

I know it's difficult predicting weather but quite frankly about a month ago I decided to discount weather forecasts altogether.

Now when the lovely Mrs Steele asks whether she should hang out the washing or not I walk outside, look skywards, pat my tummy and take a deep breath. The verdict is then relayed and washing is hung out, or not hung out. Usually right I might add.

Anyway my day job has been interfering terribly with preparations. Halter training for Patou Fifi has been very brief indeed. There will have to be a crash course on Friday at the Show ground, not ideal but she will be fine. I am bigger than her after all.

The main source of discussion at the moment is who will be staying overnight at the showground. I will be staying because my girls Poppy, Fifi and Lola together with Orchard Apollo are staying. My responsibility.

The problem is that we have our first cria of the year due soon.

Emma (pictured above on the right, with her best friend and half sister Sheba) will be 11 months pregnant on Saturday. We need to put her needs first. As a result we have decided that I will take the show team up on Friday morning alone.

Sue and Angus will come over for lunch as Emma's owner Sue Lucas will check on her in the afternoon.

Then it gets complicated. I am staying in the tent. As to who goes home when at the moment it is anyones guess. Angus wants to stay in the tent, I thought initially to be with his Dad for a male bonding type thing. Alright I know he's only 5 but a man can dream.

That particular dream was shattered today when he announced that he just wanted to stay in the tent and didn't really care who else was there!

So it's all up in the air. The day job has me in its clutches until about 6pm tomorrow so there will be a large session of organising tomorrow evening.

Luckily I have predicted dry weather so thats good. I think?

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