Sunday, 11 May 2008

Hot, hot hot!

What a fabulous weekend it has been here in sunny old Wiltshire. Today was an absolute belter and having mowed the grass and done a few other outside jobs, without any cream on, I know..... I know, I feel slightly like a pig on a spit.

Last night we had a splendid barbecue with some good friends, there may well have been some alpaca talk over a glass or two, oh if only I had stopped at two.

Anyway we barbecued several things but the highlight was some lamb from the farm that we live on.

Sue spent two weeks helping out at lambing in March and is now keeping an eye on the May lambs. We asked Alan, the shepherd if we could have a lamb when the next batch went for slaughter and fully expected to pay for it. When Alan turned up with our lamb, 26.5kg in total, we were delighted. When we were told it was in payment for Sue's hard endeavours and no payment was required I was ecstatic. Free meat! Does it get any better?

So yesterday I butterflied a leg of local home grown lamb, smothered it in olive oil, crushed garlic and rosemary from the garden and bunged it on the Weber.

Delicious it was and apparently everyone else thought so too. What a splendid evening we had.

When everyone else had left and Sue was heading upstairs to Bedfordshire I nipped out with the dogs to allow them to do what dogs seem to do a huge amount of the time.

After a couple of minutes stragazing I decided to call the dogs and head home. I whistled, whistled again, whispershouted, whistled again and then properly shouted. Still no sign of those pesky mutts.

Until, that is, I looked down to see two chocolate labradors sitting either side of me. They were both looking at me as if I was completely mad. How long they had been there I don't know. Probably snuck up on me from behind at the last minute.

It was dark of course..................and maybe the last glass was one too many..........ah well I'll know next time.

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