Friday, 9 May 2008

The man from Delhi!

It is fixed!

Readers of this blog will have appreciated that I have been having computer internet connection problems.

Last week I spoke to two men in Mumbai who tried to sort me out. They eventually said it was a problem with the phone line.

Yesterday a man from Tisbury came and fixed the phone line.

Hurrah we all shouted as we danced a merry jig in the kitchen.

Let's log on! We said jubilantly.

I logged on........................or at least I tried to log on. Bottom lip out and quivering.

No the phone line was working but every time I plugged in the wireless router everything went dead. I spoke to a man in Mumbai again. I almost feel that I know them well. They are very friendly. They have become my friends that little band of merry men in Mumbai.

I must go there one day.

The conclusion, after many tests was that the router was at fault. They gave me the router manufacturers helpline number. It was a man from Delhi!

The man from Delhi also asked many questions and made me perform many tests. 'The router is not working properly' he finally declared. I knew that.

The kind man from Delhi said that it was still under warranty and he would send me a new one straight away. This was yesterday afternoon. It arrived this morning! How about that for speed of service. I know it didn't come from Delhi but even still, wow!

One final call to catch up with my chums in Mumbai and we are back on line.......................until the next time of course.

Our bedroom is at the front of the house and only 20 feet away from the alpaca field. This morning at about 5am I was awoken by two of the matriarchs screeching and spitting at each other. Usual two so nothing out of the ordinary.

Two hours later I took some photographs as the whole herd was lying next to the fence, like they were made of iron and the house was a huge magnet. What?

Anyway here is one of the photos taken from our bedroom window.

They love me............................. they do.

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