Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Back to work and bryn under the knife

Some of you may know that I have been away from my 'day job' for a while. Well today was return to work day for me so uniform pressed, boots polished and off I went this morning.

En route I had to drop Bryn off at the vets. Bryn, our lovely 11 year old chocolate lab was going under the knife and to be quite honest I was worried sick. He had a skin tag on his back leg which turned quite nasty and the vet thought it would be best if it was lopped off. Whilst he was under they were going to give him a good going over with blood tests etc.

After I dropped him off I was constantly looking at my watch waiting for the vet to phone to say he was ok. Bryn is the greatest dog in the world in my book, the nicest natured most handsome chocolate brown critter on the planet, although I am slightly biaised. He is also a poo scooping monster but those of you who own dogs will know that anything is forgiveable for your four legged friend.

Anyway the vet rang, op went well, bloods showed he was healthy and the dosy old sausage is now home and looking completely spaced out. Goodness me I love that dog.

Alpacas are all well and my supper is being dished up. Happy days!

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Rob Rawlins said...

Hi Mark,

Glad Bryn is OK. Good news.

Sorry to hear you had to go back to work, I don't envy you that chore. I was glad when I could say never again to them. Probably the World's worst employers. Keep your head down mate.....