Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The alpacas are wet.

It is wet here, very, very, very, wet. Great isn't it. It's the 9th of July, the height of the British summer and it is absolutely hosing it down as I write this.

In fact it has hosed it down all day save for a 30minute break from 5.30 to 6.00pm.

Now that was spooky, Sue has been minding the herd all day as I did the day job thing.
I arrived home at 5.15 in the pouring rain. Time to take the mad labs out for their evening alpaca poo eating session.

Sue couldn't do it as she was feeding Angus and his friend Toby with pizza, Angel delight and fruit. It was up to me and my enthusiasm level was not high.

Bearing in mind the slightly inclement weather I kitted up for monsoon. The full length drovers coat, the wellies, the leather hat and rubber underpants.

When I finally let the canine missile that is Josh (youngest and maddest chocolate lab) out of the back door I was somewhat surprised. I hadn't gone five yards and the rain had reduced to a dribble. Ten yards further on and it had stopped altogether.

By the time I had got to the first gate (only 50 yards people) I swear the sun was shining and I was getting hot. I looked to the sky and I seriously expected to see a big grinning face in the clouds, perhaps even a wink.

That would be totally ridiculous of course. But when I got home and managed to slow the mad labs entrance back into the house to a slow squirm the rain was once again pelting down with great force.

I paused for a moment and one thought entered my mind, 'fortune favours the brave'.

Either that or I am the righteous one, incredibly unlikely.

Another thought has been on my mind all day.

I have never received a comment on this blog from an australian living in Australia or an American living in America. Or for that matter anyone outside of Europe.

So come on you people, don't be shy lets hear you. Is this Internet thing really working?

Or is it based on some poor sod sitting in cellar winding a handle that is blatantly too small.

Is our internet thing confined to Europe? Come on wide world make yourself heard!!!!!

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Rob Rawlins said...

You're not at all subtle are you Mark. :0))