Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Update on herd additions.

What a nice drop of rain we had yesterday.

No cria born, they're not coming out until it's sunny again it seems.
However, the sun came out in the late afternoon and I spent some quality time lying around in the field with the new arrivals.
Here is Patou Jonah, sired by Canchones Witness of Inca. He is a big boy and towers over the other two.

This is Valley Farm Juno, a gorgeous dark fawn with white markings on her head. Her sire is CME Tulaco Centurion.

Finally (for now) here is the latest addition at two days old, Orchard Black Jack sired by Atlantic Cambridge Centurion. A very handsome little fellow with a very tight fleece.

Shearing time is approaching fast and the next set of dry days when I'm not working we shall make a start. The beauty of doing it myself this year is that they don't all have to be done on one day. We can wait until heavily pregnant girls give birth and then shear. Some people say that you can shear them right up to the day they give birth and maybe you can.

All I know is that last year we had the whole herd sheared on the same day and the two stressiest girls we have both had problems within ten days.
Six days after shearing Patou Bobby gave birth to Poppy at 10 months and a week, coincidence maybe.
We had to bottle feed Poppy until she was able to stand, that meant milking Bobby who I have just said is one of the stressiest girls we have. It was a bit spitty in there to say the least!

Four days later Coolaroo Judy had serious birthing problems and needed the vets assistance to get Sophie out. Again, coincidence maybe.
This year we are not taking any risks and will not shear anyone over 10 months pregnant. We'll see how we go.
The bad thing about shearing them ourselves is that I will be doing it and although I am looking forward to it I am anxious that I don't cut anyone. Still I won't get better at it unless I get stuck in so onwards and upwards etc.

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