Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Another early start!

Another surprise this morning in the land of Patou.

The lovely Mrs Steele left to walk Bryn and Josh, the mad labs, at ten past 6 this morning.

The day job means I have to leave early sometimes so Sue has to be back before I go so that Steele junior has company at breakfast time.

Anyway I digress.

Once again Sue returned with news of another early morning arrival!

Wellground Joy had unpacked a handsome little boy at around 6am. His sire is the mighty Atlantic Cambridge Centurion and he appears to have his famous fathers looks even at this early stage.
Joy is owned by friends Charlie and Louise Maidment. The new arrival was already up on his feet when we got to him and seems strong. He was feeding quickly and under Sue's supervision seemed to enjoy arriving on a lovely sunny day.

Charlie, Louise and Olivia came over this afternoon to examine the little chap and have provisionally called him Orchard Blackjack, Jack for short, obviously.

Here are Angus and Olivia saying hello to 'Jack' under the watchful eye of Joy.

What's going on? Three cria so far and two have come before 6.30am!

How early do they want us to get up exactly?

At the moment we get up at 6, perhaps we should get up when the sun rises and the sparrows start to pass wind?

Anyway I have decided that's enough boys, I have had a word and expect girls from the next 9 unpackings. Or else.

Or else what exactly?

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