Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Just too knackered

I am writing this blog entry on a beautiful summer morning.

After a good nights sleep and a breakfast of home laid scrambled eggs on wholemeal toast with a nice glass of tomato juice I am revived, full of energy and raring to go.

A complete contrast to the poor fat old knacker that sat here last night.

I was up early yesterday to help a chum move. The Commander of the massed army of Inca is upping sticks and moving west to take up a strong impregnable position amongst the rolling hills of Dorset. Tim and Tracey have picked a super spot and if the law permitted it, with the help of a decent snipers rifle, they could pick off anyone approaching from almost any direction well before they became a threat. An absolute must in my little ideal dream world.
I hope they don't mind but I took a few photos and you can see from the picture below one of the magnificent views that they have.

Anyway after loading up with furniture it was off to the land with a busy day ahead. Luckily the weather had warmed up so it wasn't long before a lather was worked up, which stayed around all day. Suffice it to say that it was quite a sweaty day yesterday.

I had to finish at four as I had an appointment with the massed ranks of the Patou shearing team. Well Charlie and Kevin to be precise. Two good strong men who are up for a challenge.

I arrived home having been dreaming of a cool shower for several hours. It would have to wait, the team were ready and there were alpacas to shear.

Off we trooped in the Patou wagon to Liz Curzens' herd in nearby Tisbury.

Two sweaty back breaking hours later the job was done, the Tisbury herd were sheared. They looked much happier, jeepers there was some serious fleece on a few of them.
There was also a considerable amount of spit in a couple of them and the big boy Peter must have had a bladder the size of a football. Still we sheared to the best of our ability and hopefully Liz is happy with the way they look.

We packed up and debriefed back at Patou HQ. For debrief substitute cold beer and you get a more accurate picture of what happened.

The guys then left and I dragged myself upstairs for a shower. Down for a lovely supper cooked by the even lovelier Mrs S and then flop down in front of the TV. Shortly after that it was bed, a tired and very red (forgot the sun cream................again!) patou warrior.

A very satisfactory day and no doubt it has done me good.

I have to say though those buttocks are a bit on the stiff side this morning!

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