Monday, 7 July 2008

Right that's the end of that, Judy is now back with the main herd and we must think what we are going to do with her.
Sue and I have been at home all day so it has rained and the alpacas haven't produced any more cria. At the time of writing anyway. This year seems to be the year of strangely timed birthings. We've had two before 6.30am, one after 9.00pm and one at 4.00pm.
Last year it seemed everyone gave birth around lunchtime. Well we have now learned that we must be on our guard for as long as it is light at least.

It was nice to get an e-mail from Alan and Lorna of Alpacas El Sol this morning. They moved to Spain earlier this year and have had a pretty rough time of it with a mother and cria dying on them. What a terrible start to a life with alpacas. We've only met them once when they came to visit us last year but they seem the sort that will take it on the chin and get on with life. We wish them well. Thanks for reading guys.

I also had an e-mail from Gerry Thompson from Coire Alpacas up in Scotland.
Lost your weather up there? Don't worry we have it here. Nice to hear from you Gerry.

That's the thing about the internet and blogs, you just don't know who is reading. There is no control. No way of knowing who is taking a interest in your life or what you are up to. It's all kind of weird really.

I enjoy reading columns in newspapers as it usually means that the writer is going to reveal something about themselves, it's as if they were talking to you.

It's the same with a blog I suppose. I write it because I have always enjoyed writing and I enjoy life with alpacas and spreading the word about alpacas. I've never really been one for secrecy either so I am able to reveal what I like to the reader. Basically I am a bit of a berk but don't really care.

I would hope that fellow alpaca owners, those newer to alpacas than ourselves may learn something from the blog.

I have certainly learned from other blogs. Rachel Hebditch's diary for instance has recently mentioned about prolapsed anus's (what is the plural of anus? anii? anium?) and prolapsed vaginas. Well hold on, nobody told me about this, it sounds bloody awful!

Bit it means that I am now aware of this phenomena and will know what to do, call the vet.......or a good seamstress.

Anyway back to the 'we just don't know who's reading this blog' thing. I would be as thrilled as a dog with two doodahs if someone left a comment from a long way away. I mean the south of Spain is over a thousand miles away but it can't be that hard to beat, can it?


Katie Fry said...

Sorry, but can only manage Tisbury - not that far really! Katie x

Gerry and Lucy said...

Mark I think you've fired that weather north mate. I got totally drenched today! Take care. Gerry, Coire Alpacas

Rob Rawlins said...

Hi Mark,

Are you fishing for some more comments matey ;o))

You know we all read your blog, it great. You must have a really good following out there. I know what you mean though, you never know who is reading your thoughts though do you.

Sorry to read about your problems recently. Hope things are getting back to as normal as possible.

Take care.

Rob (Bob) Rawlins

Mark said...

Always fishing for comments Bob, I get far too excited when I see that someone has left a comment. It's ridiculous.
Thanks to Katie and Gerry and of course you Bob.

Karen Goswell said...

Hi Mark,
I'm just catching up with your blog on a friend's computer in Romania... 39C in Bucharest. Glad I'm not an alpaca here.